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The Colors of Love- Episode 8


The Colors of Love is a series surrounding four equally different couples in various stages of their lives. Each pair of lovers is working through their relationship and attempting to find the true meaning of happiness while achieving and maintaining a level of self gratification and satisfaction. The couples encompass all stages and ages from the young sweethearts Angela Brown and Jeffery Blackman dealing with the challenges of possibly cohabitating; to the marriage and the opposite views of child rearing with Mark Pinkette and Valerie Naranja. Then there's the seemingly perfect relationship of Brittany Green and James Rojo; and matrimonial veterans Melissa and Franklin Grayson who are succeeding professionally at the expense of their marriage.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Adel Morales
Producers: Shawn Luckey
Key cast: Lee Cowart,Antonio Lopez,Miriam Morales,Deron Campbell,Dahiana Torres,Crystal Roman,Apryl Lopez,Mutiyat Ade-Salu,Toni Belafonte ,Juliette Fairley,Jim Willis,Toni Seawright,Eliud Kauffman,Lourdes Gonzelez

Total votes: 509

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