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Dad is pretty


Duk-jae wants to talk if he gets drunk. But when he gets home, Jung ah gets into the room and Mi-ja increases Tv volume.

He is not competitive at his work and isignored by a younger man who is in a higher position than himself.

One day, a contracting issue leads to a suspicious club where other colleagues shrink.

On the other hand, Jung-ah does not even know how to decorate herself because he has grown up like a man since she was a child

because od Duk-jae who wanted a 'son'. Ironically, however, she is good at makeup.

She is tired of living with her family and she wants to get married, but the reaction of her boyfriend Su-min shows a lukewarm response.

Mi-ja is not interested in marriage life with Duk-jae, but relies on half of the day to watch celebrities on TV and buys related goods.

however, because it is not also satisfied, she nestles against Duk-jae when night comes.

Seung-joon is confused with his sexual identity and tried to become a woman, but his father`s death stopped him.

One day when he was running a bar called 'Hawaii' with wearing female attire, Duk-jae came for the contract.

Duk-jae reminds Seung-joon of his father and seung-joon draws him into the club.

Duk-jae, a lonely person at work place and at home, and only a flower is his friend.

Mi-ja, who solves loneliness as an entertainer, but a mother who has a sense of a girl and dissatisfied that she became a sexless


Jung-ah, Who is tired of living with parents and wants to be independent soon.

Seung-joon a club owner who wanted to became a woman but became a man in skirt due to his father`s death.

There is a family which is united under the name of a family, and their interest has disappeared from each other.

In the everyday life of Duk-jae 'Hawaii' becomes a different kind of friend.

One day, Jung-ah found out Duk-jae is wearing a dress.

English subtitle: 


Screenings / Awards: 

2017 ABB International film festival - competition(india)

2017 CINEMAFEST - Gold feature Winner

2017 London Labour Film Festival - International feature film Winner


Distribution budget: 
120,000 US$
Directed by: 
Soo-Min Park, Seung-Hyeob Kim
Writing credits: 
Min-Ae Cha, Seung-Hyeob Kim, Soo-Min Park
Myung-guk Kim, Seon-Mi Jin, Min-Ji Son, Seo-Bin Back
Produced by: 
Byung-Gil Lee, Min-Ae Cha
Music by: 
Kyung-Jin La
Cinematography by: 
Sung-Hoon Park
Film Editing by: 
Se-young Park
Casting by: 
seung-hyeob Kim , Soo-min park, Min-Ae Cha
Production Design by: 
Soo-min park, seung-hyeob, Min-Ae Cha
Art Direction by: 
Ji-Seon Hwang
Set Decoration by: 
Ji-Seon Hwang
Costume Design by: 
Jung-Ho Park
Makeup Department: 
Jung-Ho Park
Production Management: 
Gong Gam
Other crew: 
Sung-il Park, Jun-Ho Lee
Release Date: 
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Total votes: 1352