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The Lotzmann's Uprising


In only one afternoon, early retired Hubert Lotzmann managed to snub his sisters-in-law, surrender his activist daughter to the police, and forget the birthday of his wife Annemie. Annemie loses patience once he also breaks the family hoover by sucking in her beloved budgie: Hubert has two hours until dinner time, if he hasn’t returned with a repaired hoover by then, he is out on the street! Panic-stricken Hubert has no choice and sets off, getting into a personal apocalypse that will see him becoming the hero of the town.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Axel Ranisch
Writers: Sönke Andresen
Producers: Meike Kordes
Key cast: Jörg Gudzuhn,Gisela Schneeberger,Misel Maticevic,Gudrun Ritter,Eva Löbau,Heiko Pinkowski

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