Women collection

Eight women of different ages. Love and loneliness. Fear. The vestures that we all wear.

Total votes: 75904
Shades of Day - New Director's Cut

A suspenseful Hollywood fable based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s classic novella, White Nights.

Total votes: 22666
Notes From The New World

Los Angeles, USA… In the process of preparing for the leading role in a play based on Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground, a young actor is

Notes from the New World - Poster
Total votes: 26837

The young writer, Adam (Kamil Suszczyk) after the death of his girl is sinking into depression.

Total votes: 2797
Double Portrait

Finally beguiling experimental drama, pitched somewhere between 'film on film' and Godardian essay, exploring the concerns of aspiring actress Ewa an

Total votes: 1750

THE STORY OF A WOMAN is a film about a young woman space of two daughters of a mother who does not want to live longer as before. Escapes

Total votes: 1953
Fabio's Videos

Fabio is a collector of video tapes. His collection is one of the greatest in Poland and Europe.

Total votes: 1596
Śledztwo the Inquest

It is a short story about a Private Detective who comes to Town to solve the mysterious case of missing Townspeople. On his way he meets strangers.

Total votes: 3159

A story about Roman who had a really turbulent life. After he dropped out of medical school, he left to Singapore and became a smuggler.

Total votes: 2192
Beyond Life

The huge success and sudden fall to the bottom. Forty year old woman leaves town. Looking for peace and quiet.

Total votes: 1456

The will breaks down, vanishes, the life makes its way.
Everything human comes from the earth and to the earth it must returned.

Total votes: 5588

Agnieszka Szpila is a single mother of twins, who has been diagnosed with autism.

Total votes: 2574

Late 90's, prison in Łęczyca. The main character, prisoner ­ Kuba ­ is a "senior stirrer", informal boss of the prison's unit.

Total votes: 1849
The Story of a Woman (Historia Kobiety)

Total votes: 2903
The Tower

The Tower (2016), film still
Total votes: 2673
Two Worlds

In this family portrait 12-years -old Laura is our guide through life with her deat parents,which is unsual , challenging and suprisingly ordinary.

Total votes: 1711
Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
Total votes: 51940
Zar (The Heat)

THE HEAT - 1. Coal or wood afire to redness 2. High air temperature 3. Vehemence of feelings.

Total votes: 2366
La Comuna 9. Reclaiming a City

“La Comuna 9.

Total votes: 1336
Chernobyl: Men of Steel

The film "Chernobyl: Men of steel" tells the story of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster from the point of view of the Samosely - the indig

Total votes: 148
Theatre Without Audience

"Learning from Brecht how to think of oneself in the third person singular, I realized that displacement is not a curse but part of condition humaine.&q

Total votes: 143

"...You could think that a world pandemic would rob us of freedom. My case proved to be different. Finally, I had plenty of time to think.

Total votes: 111
The Bus Trip

Sarah is invited to show her film in Israel as part of a film festival bus trip.

Total votes: 1345

Homeless man (Pawel) finds a used film projector in a garbage dump.

Total votes: 490

World War II is over.

Total votes: 1251
Blue Scallywags

Blue Scallywags

Total votes: 977

A career thief must turn to her brother when she is robbed of the goods from a high value heist that she must pay back to a feared Corsican gang.

Total votes: 814

A film experiment. How people react learning of a pregnancy in different moments of their life?

Total votes: 1049

A story about a mother and a daughter who did not keep in touch for many years.

Total votes: 672
Night Owls

A shy teengager tries to be a successful bellman in a prestigious hotel, but his lack of social skills and cofidence causes him to do poorly.

Total votes: 2212
The dark side of black

The film is about a young couple. We see some parts of their life as memories.

Total votes: 1921
Bovska 'Circus'

Creating this video was literally a circus on all ends - from pre-production (we had a week to put everything in place) to shooting (20h on the set), along w

Total votes: 665

During the night journey on a long-distance train Adam meets a mysterious person who will change his life for ever.

Total votes: 1100
Half Brother

A young woman struggles to find out her half-brother's secret.

Total votes: 668

A thirty year old couple, once madly in love, now has to decide if they should take the next step in life together or apart.

Total votes: 898
Bio Control

A movie shot by 2 cousines - pasionates. Actors were our families.

Total votes: 964
The Tower of Babel

Film is structured as a triptych.

Total votes: 1177

The film “The Internal Ear” poses questions related to the nature of improvisation.

Total votes: 994

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