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The Tower of Babel


Film is structured as a triptych. Each story is a different interpretation of the poem 'The Tower of Babel' written by a Polish poet Wisława Szymborska, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature. In the film, we discover the complicated relationships between the main characters from various perspectives. In the first interpretation - we see the perspective of a child, trapped in the close confines of an apartment, watching  from hiding his parents' worlds, common and yet separate. The second story is told from the perspective of a young woman, who watches different people parting with each other as a result of transient feelings, a lack of trust, mutual suspicion, uncertainty and finally - indifference. In the third part we see a broadened perspective on the life at the tower of Babel. The sphere of interpersonal encounter is no longer limited by time or space. Open and disjointed narration is integrated by the viewer's cognitive perspective which may act on its own to connect images and arrange them into a whole.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Maria Wroz-Prusiewicz
Writers: Maria Wroz-Prusiewicz
Producers: Maria Wroz-Prusiewicz
Key cast:

Total votes: 684

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