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Homeless man (Pawel) finds a used film projector in a garbage dump. He recalls his past when he was young, had a girlfriend and big plans for the future - he wanted to have his own cinema. Pawel decides to take the projector with him and because of its heaviness he asks for help his friend - Arnold from the dormitory for homeless people. Arnold helps him, glad of the profits they will get from selling the scrap. Disappointed, he finds out that Pawel wants to keep the projector and try to activate it instead of selling it. In his modest life, finding a projector is kind of a crucial moment which leads him to find his beloved girlfriend from the past and hidden, he starts to watch her. She is now in a relation with his best friend from the past. Pawel wants to ask her for help and try to explain why one time he disappeared from her life. He approaches her on the street and asks her to meet him. Afterwards he tries to face meeting his friend from the past to get some help. Eventually he changes his mind and devastates shopwindow in his video shop ownd by the friend and steals stuff from the exhibition. It turns out that the cause of homelessness has its roots in the relations between friend and the ex-girlfriend.



Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Magdalena Wleklik, Tomasz Lechicki
Writers: Tomasz Lechicki, Magdalena Wleklik
Producers: Tomasz Lechicki
Key cast: Sebastian Stankiewicz, Janusz Panasewicz, Magdalena Waligorska

Total votes: 298

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