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Ever, Rêve, Hélène Cixous

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience:

Ever, Rêve, Hélène Cixous is a dream of liberation.

With friends like the philosopher Jacques Derrida, the artist Adel Abdessemed, the theatrical legend Ariane Mnouchkine and her cosmopolitan company, this road movie allows us to hear the cry of literature.

A poetic and musical film, Ever, Rêve, Hélène Cixous wanders with a genius who shows us the paths to emancipation through creative writing, theatre and activism. Cixous’s artistic endeavors embody untold and unrealized historical possibilities as they give voice to those who conspire with Cixous, saved from the death camps, from the wars of decolonization, from the horrors of oppression endured by women, everywhere.

Every dream is the dream of a prisoner who escapes.


Screenings / Awards: 

Montreal International Film Festival (also known as Montreal World Film Festival), Canada, September 2018 - Official selection and competition.

Realtime International Film Festival Lagos, Nigeria, June 2019 - Official selection and competition.

Das Droste Festival, Münster, Germany, July 2019 - Official selection.

Ierapetra International Film Festival, Ierapetra, Greece, August 2019 - Official selection and competition.




Directed by: 
Olivier Morel
Writing credits: 
Olivier Morel, writer and director.
Hélène Cixous Jacques Derrida Daniel Mesguich Adel Abdessemed Shaghayegh (Shasha) Beheshti Aziz Hamrah Evans Chan Jean-Marie Touratier Jean-Jacques Lemêtre Esther Von der Osten Karin Jabs-Kiesler Andrea Grewe Annie-Joëlle Ripoll Marga Carlebach Nirupama Nityanandan Eve Doe Bruce Ariane Mnouchkine Michel de Montaigne
Produced by: 
Céline Nusse, Paul Rozenberg (producers) Florence Guinaudeau (production manager)
Music by: 
Jean-Jacques Lemêtre (original music)
Cinematography by: 
Gertrude Baillot Sarah Blum Emmanuelle Collinot Cédric Dupire Jean-Gabriel Leynaud Olivier Morel
Film Editing by: 
Matthieu Augustin
Casting by: 
Olivier Morel
Production Design by: 
Florence Guinaudeau, Olivier Morel
Art Direction by: 
Olivier Morel
Set Decoration by: 
Costume Design by: 
Makeup Department: 
Production Management: 
Florence Guinaudeau
Other crew: 
Sound: Graciela Barrault Benjamin Bober Érik Ménard Didier Pazery Guillaume Valeix Agnès Szabo Christian Lutz Mikaël Kandelman Sound design and mix: Xavier Thibault
Release Date: 
Friday, December 20, 2019
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