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All The World in a Desing School


Eclectic students and faculty from all over the planet meet at one of the the world's top industrial design school in Scandinavia's faraway north just below the Arctic Circle. This documentary explores everyday life, unique study methods and dynamic design processes at Umeå Institute of Design during the school's 25th anniversary when traditionally welcoming and generous Sweden, with its export-driven economy, imposes steep tuition fees for non-Europeans, the very students that have been instrumental in making the school what it is today.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Mattias Löw

Writers: Mattias Löw

Producers: Mattias Löw, Valentina Santi Löw, Anna Svensson, Gunilla Eriksson, Bengt Strömbro

Key cast: Siyuan Fang, Ilteris Ilbasan, Tony Catignani, Robert Provo Kluit, Maxime Dubreucq, Thomas Degn, Maria Göransdotter, Maja Hedlund, Zihao Wang, Pedro Sena, Birgitta Nordholm, Peter Alwin, Lina Trulsson, Anna Costamagna, Thibault Moussanet, Jost Siebert, Keri Iam, Dimitris Palyvos, Demian Horst, Carlos Arturo Torres, Madyana Torres


Director: Mattias Löw.

Mattias Löw was born on 17 September, 1970 in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a documentary filmmaker known for The Referee (2010), The Other Sport (2013), All the World in a Design School (2015), The Indian Priest (2016), Ice Carosello (2010) and Wounderland (2002). Mattias Löw has won acclaim from critics and audiences alike, and been the recipient of international TV-, film and journalism awards for his sport-, educational- and social-themed documentaries made for Swedish public TV broadcaster SVT - Sveriges Television.


Screenings / Awards: 
Total votes: 3306

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