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Democracy Through the Looking Glass: Media & Politics in the Post-truth Era


What starts out as a fun story about a citizen who manages to get himself embedded with the media covering the 2016 presidential campaigns, turns into an eye-opening journey; where basic principles like truth, free speech, a free press and the rule of law are under siege. Ultimately, Democracy Through the Looking Glass examines the junction between media, politics and technology in the Post-Truth Era. This 40,000 foot story is told from the trenches of press conferences, voter experiences and the campaign trail, with insights from veteran CBS journalist Bob Schieffer, Boston Globe Editor Brian McGrory, Harvard University's Nicco Mele, Larry Lessig and others.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Kevin Bowe
Writers: Kevin Bowe
Producers: Kevin Bowe
Key cast:

Total votes: 121

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