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A black polygon appears on a top of a building, and morphs with its environment.

Total votes: 862
You Weren't There

YOU WEREN'T THERE follows Jesse, a young woman realising for the first time her deeper feelings for lifelong best friend, Max.

Total votes: 755
close your eyes .. well

Children close their eyes to watch.Hamoody is a teenager plays the violin, but he lives in a garbage dumpster with a dream that someday he will play in a con

Total votes: 726
Running On Empty

When returning home from war in mental shambles, SGT.

Total votes: 1388
I've Been Bullied

This video came about as my production company, New Style Independent Pictures, was working on a series of AntiBullying PSA entitled 'I Am Not A Bully' to ra

Total votes: 539

Born and raised in Salvador-BA, a city in the Brazilian Northeast coast, Pedro grew up having the ocean as his favorite weekend spot.

Total votes: 312
My Quiet Hero

A lighthearted Neo-Noir film, about a hardboiled PI on an extortion case, and a father-son twist.

Total votes: 1235
It's Your Life...Live it

A girl sees what her life could have been in the instant of making a bad decision.

Total votes: 734
Dear Dad

The story of a person trying to survive cancer and realizing the most important thing is...

Total votes: 291

Borrowing goods may be financially free but the consequences are not.

Total votes: 454
My Mother Told Me

Memories and symbols intertwine as a young girl reflects on the ‘survival manual’ her mother gave her.

Total votes: 1553

This documentary is about the loss of identity and its systemic impact on black males.

Total votes: 1546
We the People (short film) 1

We the People (short film) 1

Total votes: 357

A mix of video, performance, and glitch art exploring privacy, and how our impending surveillance state affects our identity and how we emotionally vent.

Total votes: 515
Who Is Your Favorite Harry Potter Character?

Children share their connections to the characters of Harry Potter.

Total votes: 458
Original Me

As a little boy, Kei (Leo) was determined to make a giant robot to protect the earth and help others.

Total votes: 776
TDEOMMVDH: The Deplorable Existence of Monster Mt. vs Dreamo Hernandez

A solo animation project by new coming artist Bradley Wilkinson.

Total votes: 566
The Invisible Man (FINAL VERSION)

When he receives a call from a mysterious stranger who imparts a terrible secret, young Abel's life and the legacy of the mad Dr.

Total votes: 352
Stories After the Storm

After the camera crews have migrated and the national attention diverted, those in the aftermath of one of the United States' worst climate disasters begin t

Total votes: 245
Eyes in the night

The night. Marc drives a freight train as he made it hundreds of times. But this night, a woman stands in the middle of the way, only, without moving.

Total votes: 369

The story is set in Chahar Deh, a mountain village located in the north of Afghanistan, which most of us hasn’t even heard of.

Total votes: 363


Total votes: 372
A Bright Day

Ludovica and Alessandro are relatively young, quite pretty, and barely occupied.

Total votes: 338
The Curse of Chains

Chain letters can be an annoyance, but what if they could do more than just annoy?

Total votes: 304
Lily Falls

A woman, haunted by the past, recalls her coming of age in 20th Century British India, and her childhood friendship with an Indian servant boy.

Total votes: 277
Motorcity Horseman

An urban cowboy dreams of starting a ranch in inner city Detroit to help urban youth learn cowboy values.

Total votes: 917
The Sun Gate

At the end of the Minoan Civilization, some of the best Aegean sailors were sent to find the Gate of the Sun, on the other side of the wild ocean.

Total votes: 280
Socrates of Kamchatka

'Socrates of Kamchatka' is a tale about the 'breaking' of horses and people by caring Communist masters.

Total votes: 527
Manila High - Life in company with death

“Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now there is three million, what is it, three million drug addicts [in the Philippines] there are.

Total votes: 423
The Ilish People

A brief look at the fishermen who fish the most prized fish of the the Bengali people in India and Bangladesh - The Hilsa fish

Total votes: 492
Sarah's Moving On

Sarah, a recent graduate with personal issues, must return home to take care of her sick younger sister after their parents pass away.

Total votes: 227
Girls Soccer (Minas do Futebol - O Filme)

'The impossible is temporary,' as they say. The documentary Girls Soccer ('Minas do Futebol') accompanies the women's team of A.D.

Total votes: 1045
Rapt Tongue

A confused man cannot speak the phrase from Revelation 22:13 in the right order.

Total votes: 786

Dos personas sin hogar, homeless, sueñan y en su sueño danzan juntos.

Total votes: 303
The Catastrophe of the Present

The Catastrophe of the Present is a video essay that questions how an image of a disaster should look like and the gaze that is imposed on it in our current

Total votes: 886
Maya Deren: Prelude to Generating a Dream Palette

Animation through digital image processing by artist Peter Schmideg from images related to the work of filmmaker Maya Deren, music by composer Laurie Spiegel

Total votes: 274

A musical and visual journey, featuring the songs of Smoke Season.

Total votes: 1581

An average Joe finds himself trapped inside of a romantic comedy as a background character with only 90 minutes to prove himself worthy of making it to the s

Total votes: 408
The Caregiver

An elderly man who has lost the will to live hires a new caregiver who is down on her luck and together they help each other find hope and meaning in life.

Total votes: 511

Indian taxi driver talks his addictions and views

Total votes: 1015
Mascot Fur Life

A mockumentary about a mascot underdog who dreams of becoming a pro soccer mascot.

Total votes: 858
The Sailor

A voice-over tells the story of a sailor that dreams of a homeland he has never had; day after day the sailor constructs his new native land shaping it to hi

Total votes: 323

What is he looking for? Yes, definitely something is missing!

Total votes: 372
YURI - In the Footsteps of Yuri Ahronovitch

“Sometimes someone tells you they have a dream. For so long I’ve dreamed of making a film that isn’t there.”“A film?” I asked.

Total votes: 575

Feeling an emptiness in her relationship Ana discovers sexual fire with a stranger.

Total votes: 501

Wayne McMillan and Mark Gage met at art school.

Total votes: 736

'WHY ?' is a collaboration between an artist, filmmaker and composer who each share a compelling interrogative response to our inherited history.

Total votes: 305
Lucky Boy

A short documentary, that explores a young single father’s inspiration as a baker in the countryside of Gunma, Japan.

Total votes: 369


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