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WARD OF THE FERAL HORSES unfolds a copywriter's schizophrenic upheaval.

Total votes: 829
Ms. Linda

Every once and a while I get a phone call from Ms. Linda. She thinks my number is her friend Ms. Beryl's number. These are her voicemails.

Total votes: 71
This could be my wedding dress

Path of a women and her child changes after a broken heart.

Total votes: 420

77% is a short documentary recently done as part of the 53rd Scientific Expedition to Antarctica.

Total votes: 384
Cuba People to People - Cars to Wings

Cuba Trek January 2017

Total votes: 317
Forget Me Not

An elderly man is cared for by an in-home nurse who treats him more like a job than a person.

Total votes: 116

They come from a reality, which is not real, anymore.(based on five psychological stages that all refugees pass.)

Total votes: 261
Dead Girl Vampire Cats

What happens when the fragile barriers we construct to make ourselves feel safe disintegrate?

Total votes: 116
The Haldimand Press: 149 and Counting

A short documentary about The Haldimand Press, a locally owned and operated weekly newspaper that has been in existence since 1868.

Total votes: 402
Between Gods & Demons

The Kumbh Mela attracts a lot of foreigners.

Total votes: 94

THE SEPARATION is a reflection on light, duration and visual transformation.

Total votes: 118
Choosing Faith

A Comedy animated short film about religion. A young man who slips in the shower and hits his head.

Total votes: 319

A short film on the journey of parents with kids with special needs, the struggles, challenges, but in the end, the strength, perseverance of the community

Total votes: 484
Keyz Spot - The U.S. Constitution

Keyz Spot - The U.S. Constitution

Total votes: 70
All Lies

Tagline: A simple Lie turns a girl's whole world upside down, but will it cost her life?

Total votes: 77
Le Thi Quy - The Cat's Mother

Based in Sài Gòn, Việt nam, this is a humbling film about one woman's efforts to rescue and care for hundreds of cats.Living with very modest means, she fin

Total votes: 559

Every Thursday evening, GRAMPS in Wynwood, Miami's Art District, throws an alternative Drag Show, with some of the most daring and talented performers in Sou

Total votes: 105
Greetings of the day

To New Beginnings...

Total votes: 111

A United Nations global survey found that an estimated 100 million people are homeless worldwide

Total votes: 77
Safe Haven: Stories from a Dutch school for migrant children

Inspiring stories from teachers of a Dutch primary school for refugee children.

Total votes: 359

Bladerunner meets The MuppetsAn experiment with narrative.

Total votes: 179
Why the United States Constitution is Relevant Today 1

Why the United States Constitution is Relevant Today 1

Total votes: 35

More than 70% of sex workers are mothers and since the austerity cuts have hit women especially hard, more have turned to prostitution as a way of earning mu

Total votes: 82
Room 503

Room 503 is a thriller about a homesick teen, who must escape from the strange occurrences that start happening on his first day of class.

Total votes: 102

The short film is in to Psycological Suspense thriller Genre

Total votes: 366

A young courageous girl named Lucia decides to take on an ancient and dangerous man-vs-beast tradition.

Total votes: 326

A short observational documentary about the determination of a man and his battle with an inherited disease - Friedreich’s Ataxia - that debilitates all musc

Total votes: 331
Random Eyes

A funny and often bizarre look into the lives of several different employees at a factory plant.

Total votes: 93

Garry White sees his lawyer about suing his best best friend Larry sands.

Total votes: 103

Follow a girl's desperate attempt to survive when burglars invade her apartment.

Total votes: 94
The Other Side

The Other Side is the story of deported musician Jose Marquez and his daughter Susanna who have been separated for almost 15 years but meet every month on ei

Total votes: 239
Striking Zen

An experimental sketch of the spirits of Shaolin Martial Arts, the ultimate union between Chan Buddhism and Martial Arts.

Total votes: 320
Never Forget

This video is of the WWII liberation of Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Austria.

Total votes: 30
The Charcoal Maker

A 37 year-old Canadian writer is taught how to make charcoal by a 14 year-old boy in the Philippines.

Total votes: 310

Out of a job and down on her luck Marni must turn to the calculative Diana to guide her in robbing a house to pay for rent; but things go downhill quickly wh

Total votes: 146
Good St. Nick

A young girl waits for Santa Claus to come down her chimney, but soon learns that St. Nick may not be so nice after all.

Total votes: 107
The End Game

In a world where the effects of climate change are becoming the new norm, Dr.

Total votes: 34
Black Italians

Second generation Italians share their thoughts on racism, police brutality and immigration in Italy.

Total votes: 81
Still and All

This stop-motion film is a mother’s letter to her daughter who died the day she was born.

Total votes: 110
A Dignified Dead: Compassionate Release in Pennsylvania State Prisons

“A Dignified Death” is a short documentary about compassionate release from Pennsylvania state prisons.

Total votes: 107
Weekend Getaway

Two couples who are best friends and on their annual Weekend Getaway encounter a shocking new truth and now they all really want to getaway.

Total votes: 70

A wily 87-year-old New Yorker, Judith Godwin, is one of the rare women from the 1950’s Abstract Expressionist Movement.

Total votes: 44
Man Is Failing Mother Nature

An experimental approach to viewing Man's failure to appreciate Mother Nature's gift's she gives us.

Total votes: 174

Sinhae Kim is about to give birth to her first child, Jeremy. She is fearful of this first delivery.

Total votes: 451
Behind the Woods and Across the Sea

Born Onufry Filipovich in the Russian Empire, Owen Phillips came to America alone, with nothing, at the age of 16.

Total votes: 68

This video documents how the most sacred river in Nepal has, over the last few decades, one of the countries most polluted bodies of water.

Total votes: 53
The Perfect Shave

Mankind has sought the 'Perfect Shave', how long does he have to wait?

Total votes: 81
Quotidian Mandala

Playing with direct confrontation, a solo dancer searches for enlightenment through cycles of repetition.

Total votes: 95


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