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RJ Gets A Booty Call

A nervous and very single guy gets his first late-night booty call so his wildly enthusiastic roommate offers to give him a ride and boost his confidence.

Total votes: 27
CUT - One Year in Berlin and Two Hairdressers

One year in Berlin: Short notes and glimpses - taken each month during one year - involving two young female hairdressers, who lived in smaller cities in Ger

Total votes: 174
Almost Boss: The Longest Running Tribute Band in History

There's over 14,000 tribute bands world wide. There has to be one that has been the longest running one in the world. I found them, The B Street Band.

Total votes: 43

Dark, Dirty and Damaged:Found-Footage of Imploding Memories.

Total votes: 546
The Fix

Tracy Martin has a very special surprise for her husband Kyle.

Total votes: 328
Code Yellow

Code Yellow is a documentary telling the story of the endangered Yellow-Eyed penguin, it’s struggle for survival, and the people fighting to save it.

Total votes: 42
Yard Sale

Penny and Ursula find just what they've been looking for at a local yard sale, however one determined 'yard sale expert' stands in their way.

Total votes: 53
My Life as An American Persian Jew

A playful and lighthearted look into growing up in Los Angeles as an American Persian Jew.

Total votes: 63

Short student documentary covering the loss of a young mother who was shot to death in front of her twin six month old daughters by her estranged husband.

Total votes: 22

Luke, having twice defeated an alien threat on Earth, is off exploring the galaxy.His father, now the local superhero, gets word that his son needs some help

Total votes: 78
Stuart Davis: In Full Swing

Narrated by John Lithgow, this film was made in conjunction with the exhibition Stuart Davis: In Full Swing.

Total votes: 6
Los Angeles to New York: Dwan Gallery

The remarkable career of gallerist and patron Virginia Dwan.This film was made possible by the HRH Foundation.

Total votes: 6
On the Nile

A low-level criminal scrounges scrap-metal to pay for dental surgery, while his partner succumbs to a religious vision.

Total votes: 98
Plastic Island Through The Glass Bottom Boat

The adventures of Punch, the alcoholic ex-police officer, in his quest to find the murderers of Chi-Chi the faux-Mermaid from Plastic Island.

Total votes: 73
Nil: No Blood for Coffee

A man is pulled out of his daily routine and thrown into a war for java juice.

Total votes: 86
The Grape Bet

Two friends make a bet that gets out of hand.

Total votes: 346
The Jackstones

When it comes to news about the state of coral reef worldwide, it’s rarely good.

Total votes: 344

The sport of fencing has produced an amazing array of successful alumni impacting the world in a variety of ways.

Total votes: 377
Riding Grace

Every day, Tony Monroe rides his horse through the gang-ridden neighborhoods of Fresno, California, with the hope of being an agent of change, but his two-an

Total votes: 41
Fault Line

An experimental essay film about fake news and the politics of fear in America.

Total votes: 41

In Mexico 70 % of street dogs (14,000,000) used to be pets, they were abandoned.

Total votes: 80
Callie's Solo (Web Series) Pilot Episode-The Guitar Amp

Comedy! Singing! and a host of crazy characters...that's Callie's life, now that she's gone solo...

Total votes: 47
Assembling a Goddess

A mannequin invokes Wrath, Envy, Lust and probably a few other of the Seven Deadly Sins. Is it a modern Venus de Milo or just creepy perfection?

Total votes: 43
Transcend: The Jon Mozo Story

After a near fatal shark attack a surf photographer decides to face his fears, and discovers the risks and rewards for doing so.

Total votes: 105

Women, nature, the origin.

Total votes: 89
Field Notes

A complicated series of sound and imagery piece together the thoughts and emotions of one man as he attempts to find his purpose.

Total votes: 6
Hair of the Dog

Matthew Stelle’s life is slowly going down the drain; his artwork is failing, his addiction is worsening, and everything he thought he had under contro

Total votes: 77
Je suis le tenebreux

Experimental digital artwork from composer Christopher Chaplin and director Rank Amateur

Total votes: 15
W Puta de Mita

Showcasing the new W Punta de Mita in the heart of one of Mexico’s most gorgeous beaches.

Total votes: 64
my brain on memory

6000+ images taken with my iphone on a one week road back to where I lived the first seventeen years of my life

Total votes: 61

Hand drawn animation about people's fear of communication.

Total votes: 80
Ripples Effect

Refugees are not making the decision to want to flee. They are making the decision to try to save their lives by fleeing.

Total votes: 575
Grey Pain

A Poetic Triptych / A Visual Trilogy

Total votes: 45
A Part of Mom

Leena Helenius was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, at the age of 35.

Total votes: 604
Jean | Short Film

Growing up in an intercity community, you'd expect cliche' films about gang violence, poverty, etc.

Total votes: 63
Starwood Hotels and Resorts Promotion

Showcasing the international luxury brands of Starwood in South America.

Total votes: 89
The Way It Should Be

A small town honors a part of its past

Total votes: 376
Invisible Barriers

Empowering young women around the world that they deserve the opportunities given to them, and with the help of their community can change the world.

Total votes: 105

Esperanza is a short film in Spanish, that deals with the social issues of religion.

Total votes: 648
Fun with Noah

Fun with Noah

Total votes: 50
The Lay of Lancaster

The origin story of an unshakable revolutionary in the fantasy European country of Marinova.

Total votes: 140

Portrait Of An Artist is an intimate dialog between the artist and the viewer.

Total votes: 68
Something Blue (L'opera del Bachelor)

A young Reality TV couple's operatic journey from fairy-tale marriage to real-life detachment.

Total votes: 128
Insomne (Sleepless)

A sleep-deprived wife deals with her husband's digestive issues then discovers that she took care of this matter before.

Total votes: 168

Dance studio is closing due to lack of outside funding. The young dancers are tempted to start a rock band.

Total votes: 127
Invisible Borders

In one of the most dangerous places on our planet, the barrios of Cali, in Colombia,Jimmy and his gang tell us how they live and die prisoners of the “Invisi

Total votes: 115
Haiku in Brooklyn

Verses from ancient Japanese poems come alive and become stories of real-life moments in the streets of Brooklyn.

Total votes: 56
A Volatile Tale

Drawn as we are into myriads of digital contacts pausing at a window reveals that looking and listening makes you see what you would not see.

Total votes: 88


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