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I've Been Bullied


This video came about as my production company, New Style Independent Pictures, was working on a series of AntiBullying PSA entitled 'I Am Not A Bully' to raise Public Awareness on the issue. As we were working on the PSAs, some of the kids came up to us and told us that they wanted to share their stories on camera. We were completely surprised. They poured their hearts out on camera which made us work that much harder to make sure we got their stories out there. The main emphasis of the project is to promote awareness on the issue of bullying which is a big problem in today’s society. We will be working with a diverse group of children of various ages having them read scripts about being a bully while others may speak about it from their own experience, if they want to do so. Our goal is to help childreneverywhere relate to the participants in the project, hoping they realize that anyone can be bullied and anyone can be a bully and not even realize it. We want to send the message that bullying is NOT cool and can have serious consequences. Directed by Rod LopezWritten by Leila ChawtakProduced by Rod Lopez, Leila Chawtak & Elsa Bridgwater & Trish MonaghanExecutive Produced by Rod LopezAssociate Producer: Debbie TsamoudakisDirector of Photography: Rod LopezCamera Assistant: Patrick BoyerSound Recordist: Courtney McDougallProduction Assistants: Jordan Nitsch, Mya Montgomery Gaffer: Damonn HullMake-up Artist: Samantha

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Directors: Rod Lopez
Producers: Rod Lopez
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Student project: No
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Shooting format: 2K
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Film color: Color
First-time filmmaker: No

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