Total votes: 5955
The group

The group want to be the voice of millions of unemployed people in Spain. More than 20% of the population needs help.

Total votes: 3437
The ones who stayed

When her first nephew is born in Barcelona, director Vanessa Batista, a Cuban who settled in Catalonia ten years ago, is inspired to undertake a journey acro

Total votes: 2065

Based on real events, the film follows the adventures of coppersmith Bonaventura, his sister Marianna and the rich merchant Vicenç, with whom both have pendi

Born film poster
Total votes: 5727
L'Altra Frontera (Another Frontier)
Total votes: 4877
Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
Total votes: 41677
The Night of All Things

Joana, a seven-year-old girl, lives in a house close to a little village in Cataluña, where her grandfather runs a small antiques business.

Total votes: 144
Sant Boi is a different place

Another year come back the autumn season to Sant Boi.

Total votes: 246
When droplets become rain

When the rich get richer and the pooor poorer. When goverments rescue banks and evict people.

Total votes: 387
Mater Salvatoris

A lonely child. An isolated village in the Pyrenees. A mother is gone. The windy temper of silence sows grief and guilt.

Total votes: 178

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