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The Storyteller. After Walter Benjamin.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Film investigates the visual form of storytelling in today's society.

Whoever can not tell his story does not exist.” (Salman Rushdie) In his essay THE STORYTELLER, the philosopher WALTER BENJAMIN lamented the disappearance of the storytelling. Benjamin’s essay from 1936 is the starting point for director NATHANIEL KNOP, to ask about today’s forms of storytelling and thus about comprehension. He finds answers in the arts, architect or lets a walrus hunter talk, who immortalises his stories on the tusks of his prey. The film leads us on an exciting journey from Europe to the USA, from India to Russia. Nathaniel Knop portrays a philosophy of storytelling and provides a fascinating insight into a world full of hidden stories.

The selected protagonists are: architects Peter Eisenman and Nikolaus Hirsch, artists Özge Açikkol & Seçil Yersel, Simon Starling, Nikolay Polisski, fakir Lalu Baba, activist Ali Shamsher, walrus hunter Boris Girgiroskyn.

Directed by: 
Nathaniel Knop
Writing credits: 
Nathaniel Knop, Peter Rippl
Lalu Baba, Peter Eisenman, Boris Gyrgiroskyn, Nikolaus Hirsch, Nikolay Polissky, Ali Shamsher, Simon Starling, Seçil Yersel & Özge Açikkol (Oda Projesi)
Produced by: 
Anatoli Skatchkov
Music by: 
Ketevan Scheipner
Cinematography by: 
Peter Rippl, Nikita Khokhlov
Film Editing by: 
Anatoli Skatchkov
Release Date: 
Thursday, September 29, 2016
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