What's The Frack?

In the pristine and sprawling but dry Karoo region of South Africa covering nearly half the country, a farmer is prepared to do all he can to stop shale gas

Total votes: 3800
Lost Tongue

Helena Steenkamp, a Khomani - San woman from the Kalahari, South Africa joins one of the last Elders of her people to revive their endangered N!uu language.<

Total votes: 3517
Bala Bala Sese
Total votes: 1267
Operation A.N.G.E.L

Armed with his imagination and a cardboa

Total votes: 4870

Trapped in a grey unthinkably boring office Johann (45) is sitting in front of his computer screen to work on several unimportant documents.

Total votes: 4016

A selection of Big Apple Film Festival & Winner of Best Screenplay & Best Actress at Atlanta Independent Film Festival -Inspired by true events occur

Total votes: 2363
Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
Total votes: 51489
Nobody's Died Laughing

Nobody’s Died Laughing is a theatrical-action-documentary film, celebrating the life and work of South African activist and

Nobody's Died Laughing trailer, Pieter-Dirk Uys Film
Total votes: 4788
"The Invented People. Echoes from Cape Verde"

In 1984 a group of young Cape Verdeans influenced by the
spirit of the Woodstock festival decided to create the "Baia das

Total votes: 1308
The Bad News

it is about a character late fifties age who was in prison with a murder he does not committe and his wife divorce him after his release and tries to work as

Total votes: 989

The Children of the Noon deals with the universal subject of life.

Total votes: 894

Through soil we become connected. Our lives intertwine like roots deep down beneath the earth.

Total votes: 367

Years after a terri

Total votes: 2306
Die Sangoma Sindroom / The Sangoma Effect

Years after a terrible series of murders, a young orphan will aspire to play professional rugby while fending off those from his family’s past that still see

Total votes: 776
Call me thief

A film based on the true life story of a young man who becomes a storyteller in jail.

Total votes: 885

When a resourceful farmboy’s ill mother is visited by the dreaded hanslammers, he must fight through the night and use his wits to keep his mother alive, not

Total votes: 915

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