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Years after a terrible series of murders, a young orphan will aspire to play professional rugby while fending off those from his family’s past that still seek revenge.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 
I am interested in pushing boundaries. Telling fictional stories with social and relational
comments on our local society. I believe that by blending different cultural and language elements
combined with audio, visuals and storytelling you can create a more powerful piece by using only
one element; stagnant at a one dimensional delivery.
Each project I make is different, and I've found that each person resonates differently to each of my
Our current culture, and my generation, are prone to judgment of each other's preferences, ways of
doing, religions and culture. I want to create films that have something positive to say but with holding
a mirror to each one watching. This film, DIE SANGOMA SINDROOM has been pre-selected at the TORONTO 
INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDANT FILM FESTIVAL and I feel honored by this selection and am very excited that 
the film will possibly reach many audiences and share a story they may not have known before. 
I feel passionate for film and the world I create for myself and live in. My hope is to carry 
inspiration and truth to others.


Directed by: 
Ferdinand W Gernandt
Writing credits: 
Ferdinand W Gernandt
DEON -- Julian Bogner CARLI -- Mongene Burgh EUGENE -- Marcus Muller WILMA -- Bertha Wahl
Produced by: 
Hoerskool Waterkloof
Music by: 
Marlee vd Merwe Frans vd Merwe
Cinematography by: 
Daniel Shelley
Film Editing by: 
Andries de Jager Jade Bowyer
Art Direction by: 
Makeup Department: 
Follicle Hair Aterlier
Other crew: 
Diani Gernandt - 1st AD
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Total votes: 2268