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The Bad News


it is about a character late fifties age who was in prison with a murder he does not committe and his wife divorce him after his release and tries to work as a guard but stops to work due to the company recession and he is icapable to pay the house rent of five years when he was in prison and decides to committe suicide

35 minutes
English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

it is a short film about pessimism leads to destruction and disminates a message the people in this world should not give up till their death hope is fuel to achieve our motto or objective

Directed by: 
Efriem kahsay quada
Writing credits: 
Writen and directed by efriem kahsay quada photography director Abel t Editor Kemal kimo original score efriem kahsay quada Make up Keven Tewelde
Abrham Tekleab Henok Shishay Yonas Fissahaye Rahwa Teklemariam
Produced by: 
efriem kahsay quada and abel t
Music by: 
efriem kahsay quada
Cinematography by: 
abel t
Film Editing by: 
Kemal kimo
Casting by: 
efriem kahsay quada
Production Design by: 
efriem kahsayu quada
Art Direction by: 
efriem kahsay quada
Set Decoration by: 
efriem kahsay quada
Costume Design by: 
Keven Tewelde
Makeup Department: 
Keven tewelde
Production Management: 
henok shishay
Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Total votes: 762

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