What could be easier than robbing a small bookie place on the outskirts of town?

Total votes: 3505
Until Cancer Do Us Part

My closest friend was told that he suffered from the most aggressive form of brain cancer, also known as "the terminator".

Total votes: 2250
There Should be rules

Mia and Mirjam are 14 years old and live in a dead boring town, there´s not even an airport. They are not grown up, but are working on it.

Total votes: 2103
Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
Total votes: 48021
The Tale About The Witch The Farmhand and The Soldier


Total votes: 2452

Eclectic students and faculty from all over the planet meet at one of the the world's top industrial design school in Scandinavia's faraway north just below

Total votes: 3737

Total votes: 2594
Trans Somnium

In an attempt to reunite with her dead girlfriend, Maya evokes dark forces through occult rituals, isolated in a house in a far away forest . . .

Total votes: 2017

The story of a group of friends who set out to make their first low-budget horror movie.

Total votes: 2802
All The World in a Desing School

Eclectic students and faculty from all over the planet meet at one of the the world's top industrial design school in Scandinavia's faraway north just below

Total votes: 3511
Dreams of Las Vegas

In post apocalyptic Sweden, Elin longs to escape her life as a stripper at a local club.

Total votes: 2
Nick's Adventures in Hollywood - Movie

Nick, a fresh graduate from an East Coast college and an aspiring screenwriter arrives in Tilsentown and is hired by Vitaly Sumin's VM Productiions for a pro

Total votes: 513
Spider Man and Crime & Punishment

Kate and Carolyn meet Peter Parker (aka Spider Man) and Rodion Raskolnikov, the hero of Dostoyevsky's Crime & Punishment.

Total votes: 1552

 Two burglars - a man and a woman attempt to gain the combination to a safe by threatening the most surprising hostage.

Total votes: 662
The Funeral

Anton (28) arrives back to his family home after 8 years estranged.

Total votes: 706
Under the Stars

After the death of his stepfather, Alexander finds himself standing at the grave and chooses to take a piss on it.

Total votes: 524
The Bus Trip

Sarah is invited to show her film in Israel as part of a film festival bus trip.

Total votes: 1004
Incidents - Way home

The life of a woman is a constant thriller.
As soon as we leave our house we’re going out to war.

shortfilm, animation, sweden, metoo, women, film, trilogy
Total votes: 1599
Incidents - Way home

An autobiographical film about men getting in the way, divided into three chapters; 12 years, 18 years and 24 years.

Total votes: 412
Tennis Dad

The film is about Malin, a 17-year-old girl who lives under pressure from her dad to become a tennis pro.

Total votes: 897
Putting lipstick on a pig

A middle aged woman is an accountant and gets addicted to gambling.

Total votes: 672
The die is cast

Dreams and reality are mixed together. Sofia is suddenly able to predict events from the future and the local policeman Oscar thinks he is getting crazy.

Total votes: 387
HULDRA - Lady of the Forest

Nanna lives a lonely and regimented life in Berlin.

Total votes: 796
Big Love

Big Love is a film about Gunnar Holma 35, a charismatic person with a big heart. Gunnar has always been attracted to larger women.

Total votes: 697

I have just finished the first Swedish documentary 360 video SEPSIS.

Total votes: 764
From a Past Time to the New City

An old city, its old history, its people and its changes.

Total votes: 1195
The Antifascists

A low intense war is being fought on the streets of Europe and the aim is on fascism.

Total votes: 308
Stay Ups

A middle-aged woman is about to get nightly visits from a young man. Her child is, as usual, in the way.

Total votes: 385
Out of the Darkness

You can't escape your destiny.

Total votes: 889

We occasionally imagine situations where our actions and emotions are so dark that we scare ourselves to a point where we quickly want to snap out of it.

Total votes: 386
The Birthday

We follow a young couple as they celebrate their childs' first birthday. But things might not be as they seem.

Total votes: 703
Non local domain

An artist in transformation.

Total votes: 636
Ekerwald -beyond the words

92 year old author gives us hope by never stops being curious, tells us secrets of life and how he fell in love again at 87.

Total votes: 587
Ripples Effect

Refugees are not making the decision to want to flee. They are making the decision to try to save their lives by fleeing.

Total votes: 626

Inside the largest A-rate prison in Sweden, the inmates’ artwork along the underground corridor makes time last.

Total votes: 343
Unrighteous Men

When Harold, the convinced Atheist, gets a surprise visit from Christian the Bible thumper, his life immediately gets complicated and dramatic.

Total votes: 634

HUMAN is a silent film taking place in a world where people have a computer instead of a heart.

Total votes: 740
In between - the Exposure

Today when the society is fludded with information and search for success it's easy to loose the very essence of life.Also it's no longer easy to separate tr

Total votes: 668
Say Something

Say Something is a coming of age documentary in which we meet 19 year old Isabell who has grown up whitnessing her stepfather abusing her mother.

Total votes: 648
The Courtship

Fredrik is in love with his neighbor Rebecka. He makes a movie introducing himself and sends it to her.

Total votes: 662
A Bastard Child

In 1909, in an undemocratic Sweden, a bastard child is born and given the name of Hervor.

Total votes: 653
Lovely Journey

A woman's journey. She is curious and adventurous. She wonders what she will find. Full of energy, she begins her trip.

Total votes: 516
To become a priest

Jan Jansson, a young man wants to study at the Swedish University of theology.

Total votes: 426

Calle wants to look nice in a princessdress, but it's not as easy as it seems.

Total votes: 417

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