SYNOPSIS Prathimaa,a young girl, is living with her mother, brother (Prakash) and grandfather.

Total votes: 2705
Please Turn Over

A young, cricketer turned teacher, has to overcome a big challenge in his personal life; and teach a motley bunch of kids what it means to play hard but fair

Total votes: 3300
Home coming

This is novel based film. Lalithamma's son Ananda runs away from his home with his dearest friend Manohara, after a mischievous act.

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Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
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3 1/2 ( A life of an innocent child )

This film is being narrated about the forced labor, child labor and corruption in labor department.

Total votes: 1754

Two Children born in same day, one in rich family named Gagan and other one in a poor family named Swami.

Total votes: 272
Byalatada Bheemanna

Bayalata is a flok art. being a well known art from theatre, Bayalata is prevalent in many districts of Karnataka.

Total votes: 286

The movie is named after the "Jewel beetle" - at the ripe age, the beetle's wings are cut and the wings are used to make ornaments and jewels while the beetl

Total votes: 280

Akkammana Bhagya (Akkamma’s Fate) is all about the ill fated village women Akkamma’s struggle towards her family welfare and empowerment in pre independence

Total votes: 242

A heart-warming story of a little girl lost in an alien land - her struggles and challenges in her search, helped by locals that offer her unconditional love

Total votes: 785

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