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3 1/2 ( A life of an innocent child )


This film is being narrated about the forced labor, child labor and corruption in labor department. In this film, the character / role name of “Balya” is being played by a small child ( i.e., Three and half years old ) name called Mr.Hrithik Kumar.
Main leading roles in this Film.
• Balya ( Master Hrithik Kumar)
• Puttakka ( Baby Bhavana )
• Kallappa ( Mr.Hemantha kumar )
• Murigenna ( Mr.Ravi )
• Brick Factory Owner ( Mr.Nataraj )
• Labor Inspector ( Mr.Aaradhya )
3 ⅟2
Balya and his father Kallappa lives in a small Village. Kallappa's wife was suffering from health issues and dies. For her medical expenses Kallappa had borrowed money from Shettru, due to drought, kallappa could not return money to Shettru. So Shettru asks to send Kallappa's son Balya for forced labor ( i.e., Slavery ) Kallappa feels sad and denies to do so and plan to go Town for earning money. Kallappa leaves his son Balya with his fiend Murigenna to take care till he returns.
Murrigenna also was leading his life in difficulty, after Chennappa's favor, he takes his family along with Balya to the Bricks Factory for Work to lead his life.
In Town, Puttakka and grandfather does begging to lead life. One day grand father dies, Puttakka also comes to Brick Factory in search of work and all of them stays there.
The Brick Factory's owner was always taunting workers to do more work. He was practicing Child labor in his work place and was giving torture to all of the workers. Since, Balya was not working properly, the owner shaves his hair on head, insults him, and puts into fire and kills him.
Kallappa earns money and returns from Town. He comes to Murigenna's house to take back his son Balya. But, Murigenna's house was locked, Kallappa enquires neighbors and comes to know Murigenna, and his family along with Balya have been to Brick Factory for work.
Kallappa when arrives at Bricks Factory sees Puttakka and comes to know about his son Balya's death. Kallappa in vain cries out loudly looses his control shouts out in road that “Do not send the children to work, if you send they will kill children”. He gets hit by tractor and he dies.


English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Key cast: Mr. HEMANTHA KUMAR K ( As a "Kallappa" ) , Master HRITHIK KUMAR ( Child Artist as "Balya" ), Baby BHAVANA ( Child Artist as "Puttakka"), Mr. RAVI ( As "Murigenna") , Mr. NATARAJ ( As "Brick Factory Owner" )

Screenings / Awards: 
  • Officially selected in various International Film Festivals as follows
  • 1. 11th Chinese American International Film Festival 2015
  • 2. 6th Cinemavvenire Film Festival International Feature Films - ASIA 2015
  • 3. BlackBird Film Festival ( Non-Competitive ) 2015
  • 4. Singapore Word International Film Festival 2016 ( Pre-Selected )
  • 5. Nashik International Film Festival 2016
  • 6. IOFF ( Interional Open Film Festival ) 2016 as Semi-Finalist
  • 7. 3rd Toronto World Internaitonal Film Festival 2016 ( Pre-Selected )
  • Karnataka Chitrarasikara Sangha Awards 2015 ( INDIA ) for the following categories
  • A) Best Child Artist
  • B) Best Director
  • C) Best Music Director 
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