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Tick Tock Clock

This fun, historical film is about the friendship of 3 Texas friends, Marty, Tom and Gail, all now seniors in their 70’s, who have known each other since they were children. In 1955, having just turned 13 years old, and using a then brand new Brownie 8mm Movie Film Camera, they began documenting their lives. You’ve heard or seen the films about teenagers in the 1950's, “Grease” and “American Graffiti”? Well here is the real deal with teens in all their pony-tail and dancing-glory. It was the era when the stars of the day were Elvis Presley and James Dean. 
Through a journey of time, Tick Tock Clock takes us from the 1950s to Christmas 2014, when Gail finds out the old family house, lost in a bankruptcy a decade earlier, is being torn down. Emotions run strong as she and her same two old friends from childhood meet at the property and watch bulldozers tear it down. As trucks leave with pieces of the foundation, so do their memories of jitterbugging to 45 rpm records of Buddy Holly, Christmas mornings with family, teenage kisses, slumber parties and magical moments of innocence.    Post Script:  All the 1950s film was shot by teenage girls.
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Information for the Audience: 

Get ready to have some fun and go back in time to the 1950s and see how teenagers were doing after school, with their families, dancing the jitterbug and loving the new music, rock 'n' roll.  Later, these then teenagers, now in their 70's go back to the old house the director grew up in, and where all the parties took place. It is being torn down to make way for a mega mansion. Three of those same teens re-live their memories, with archival footage of those parties as the bulldozers tear down the foundation of the house. Yet, there is redemption as they realize they are just as young now as they were then!

Screenings / Awards: 
  • Worldfest Film Festival, Houston, TX, Winner, Platinum Remi Award, 2016
  • On Location Memphis Short Film Festival, Memphis, TN, 2016
  • Commffest Global Film and Arts Festival, Toronto, CN, 2016
  • Chesapeake Film Festival, Easton, MD, 2017
  • Thin Line International Documentary Film Festival, Denton, TX, April, 2017
  • Garden City International Film Festival, Bangalore, India, April 2017






Directed by: 
Gail Reaben
Writing credits: 
Writer: Gail Reaben
Marty Greenberg, Tom Raguse, Gail Reaben, Randy McKinney, and 1950s Cast of Teenagers
Produced by: 
Gail Reaben Mary Anne Malahy
Music by: 
Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Gus Buzbee
Cinematography by: 
Gail Reaben, Marty Greenberg, Sydney Smith, Robert Leake and others
Film Editing by: 
Gail Reaben
Casting by: 
Production Design by: 
Art Direction by: 
Set Decoration by: 
Costume Design by: 
Makeup Department: 
Production Management: 
Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
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