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David, a physics student, get a strange, mysterious object, a metal sphere, that allows to shift to another Earth, just like our world. Apparently. 
The second world has some substantial differences, and David decides to stop traveling from a a world to another. But he will be forced to have one last travel.
Alessio Vasarin was born in Bolzano (Italy) on 1988. 
He chased his passion for cinema and tried to transform it into a full time job. 
From 2012 to 2013 he worked as videoassist and electrician for some local production but decided , at the end of 2013, to create a small, indipendent video production company based in Bolzano. He finally founded, with his collegues, Frabiatofilm.
English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 
Strings is a feature sci-fi movie of 104 minutes.
The Frabiatofilm team has been working on it for three years, from  semptember 2012, until october 2015. The shooting ended in october 2014; 15 lead actors and 70 extras were involved. It took one year of work for the composition of original soundtrack, editing, post production and CGI. 
It has been an amazing adventure, it was a risk but it was worth it. Trying to realize a sci-fi production with a micro-budget forced the producers to work a lot on the screenplay, in order to build an interesting and absorbing plot without the actual amount of CGI which is normally involved in this kind of movies. Time, physic, fate and the irreversibility of our choices and actions are the pivotal subjects of a plot that has strong elements of uniqueness. 
The characters are complex and bivalent: they are involved in relationships which are never conventional. There are no stereotypes such as the hero or the villain. The plot develops in a dystopic reality, in a parallel world, ruled by an obtuse and old system, which consider human feelings an obstacle to the social order. This is not an entirely new subject for a sci-fi movie but it’s  rethought in a new human way. The story, with a lot of plot twists, is slow but well handled and in the end, not a single detail is missing.
Screenings / Awards: 

8th November 2015 - Trieste, Science+Fiction Festival

17th - 22nd December 2015 - 25th - 26th - 28th January 2016 - Bolzano, Filmclub

18th February 2016 - Merano, Filmclub

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