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The Squealer


An activist organizer has been exposed as a provocateur working for the government. His deceit has sent two of his fellow activists to prison. After spending a year under the witness protection program he wants to redeem his actions in the eyes of the movement. But he finds himself at odds with his sadistic handler -- and with disorienting flashes of events that led to his

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Daniel Brady is involved in some form of protest movement. He is an informant for the government. His testimony has landed fellow activists in prison. He is living under the protection of the federal witness program and chafes at the vigilance of his handler. The Squealer can be described as a psychological thriller. 

However, the central question concerns his betrayal of a movement he had embraced, the means of his turning and, as significantly, the apparatus still holding him in check. Daniel Brady must come to grips with events that led to his conversion, incidents he has largely forgotten or submerged but which reappear in renewed force with his first, tenuous attempts to return to the world as an independent agent. Through memories, dreams, and hallucinations, a picture forms of Brady’s break with his former self: he suffered a deep trauma though he is unable to clearly identify the antagonist. He is experiencing dissociation – he quite literally sees himself as three distinct, separate personalities that emerge in episodes of panic attacks. He is divided inside himself and divided from others, his identity broken in the crucible of his rendition. 

Brady’s story operates as a critique of -- not so much the institutions of control, or economic class, or some shadowy elite -- those mechanisms of power intended to control the individual in a continuous and permanent way. The handling, the conversion, of Brady is an extreme form of a practice 


Screenings / Awards: 

Screened Big MINI Media Festival Brooklyn, NY -  November 2017

Official Selection: Cinema Worldfest 2017

Award of Recognition: 1st Time Director Cinema Worldfest 2017

Preselected Cinema London 2017

Preselected Madrid Art Film Festival 2017

Preselected Washington Film Festival 2018


Information for theatres: 

This is not a student film.

Aspect ration 16 x 9

Shot in High Definition Video: Canon 7D/5D, GoPro, and Red One

Completion date October 31st, 2017

First time filmmaker - yes

This film is in color

Distribution budget: 
Directed by: 
William J. Sparks
Writing credits: 
William J. Sparks
John Cooley Lindsey Denman Wayne Alan Brenner Kevin Cox Dorothy Pena Rodney Barry Nathan Black Jason Bick
Produced by: 
Christopher P. Obal
Music by: 
Neil Lord & Mark Dufour
Cinematography by: 
Iskra Valtcheva Rick Kern Christopher P. Obal
Film Editing by: 
Flynn O'Connor William J. Sparks
Casting by: 
William J. Sparks Christopher P. Obal
Art Direction by: 
Pilar Davilar Marco Noyola
Makeup Department: 
Pilar Davilar
Production Management: 
Christopher P. Obal
Other crew: 
Christopher Crumbliss Ryan Mozek Amy Tekell Nick Scimeca Brandon Boggs Dustin Cross Shannon Cook
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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