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Show is an immersive film experience that explores the minutes prior to the screening of a film at a film festival through the eyes and ears of an audience member.


Show is an experimental short film that explores the ten minutes prior to a film screening at a film festival.  The gathering audience become characters, through whose simultaneous dialogue we experience the unintended performance and the stories within.  The interior scene is a single continuous Point-of-View shot, employing a sound design of surround-sound dialogue.  Show immerses the audience into the ritual of cinema-going.


English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Show is an immersive experience telling the tale of the minutes prior to the screening of a film through the eyes and ears of an audience member.  It is a film not just about image, but a film that presents sound as the equal to image.  In Show, I explore the concept of presence and absence as the relationship between image and sound; each mode giving presence to absence, constructing a complex collage of sound and image.  Absence is part of the real, the image masquerades as the real as our invisible character KATE is both absent yet present.  Show plays with the audience as the film experience varies depending upon where you are seated.  This is a ten minute short film, the second scene of eight minutes was shot as a continuous point-of-view take.

Show layers multiple audience voices in conversation - this overlapping dialogue builds tension through sound with many stories being told simultaneously as the listner struggles to eavesdrop on so many conversations.  

Director:    Mary L. Holley 

Producer:  Michael Morritt


Screenings / Awards: 


Official Selection:  Canada China International Film Festival / Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 2016

            Nomination: Canada China Academy Film Award:  Best Special Effects

Official Selection:   New York State Film Festival / Manhattan, NY, USA.  April 2017  

            Award:  BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM

Preselection Status:    Malta International Film Festival, Malta  2017

Preselection Status:  Austria National Film Festival, Vienna, Austria 2017

Finalist/Reserve Status:    Madrid Art Film Festival, Madrid, Spain 2017

Finalist Status:  Cinema LA, Los Angeles, California, USA 2017

Official Selection:  World Women Film Awards,  Jakarta, Indonesia April 2018  


                           DIRECTOR'S SILVER  AWARD

Official Selecton:  Eurocinema Film Festival, Geneva, Switzerland, 2019

Experimental Forum 2019, Los Angeles, California, USA.  


Official Selection: World Cinema Milan IFF 2019

          Nominations:    Best Female Director /  Best Photography on Set  /  Best Set Design

Official Selection:  Nice International Film Festival 2020  May 2020 Cancelled due to Covid-19

                                Nice Virtual International Film Festival - June 21st - 26th 2020

          Nominations:   Art Education Award Nice IFF 2020 / Best Director of a Short Film Nice IFF 2020 / Best Set Design

           Award:  BEST SET DESIGN



Information for theatres: 

First-time Filmmaker:   YES

Student Project:   NO

Completion Date:  June 15th 2015

Picture Format:  Colour

Aspect Ratio:  1.78 (16x9) Video

Shooting Format:  2K

Exhibition Format:  DCP

Screener Format:  Vimeo 

Language:  English 

Directed by: 
Mary L. Holley
Writing credits: 
Mary L. Holley & Michael Morritt
Derek Bell Ryan Cartwright Linda Driscoll Kenn Gibb Briagh Haskins-Hasbury Dianne Latchford Sarah McNeilly Susan Newman Katie O'Rourke Kate Story Matthew Vandenbosch Hilary Wear Gillian Turnham Tammy Freeman Matt Greco Paul Oldham
Produced by: 
Michael Morritt
Cinematography by: 
Andy Guthrie / Director of Photography - Michael Morritt
Film Editing by: 
Michael Morritt
Art Direction by: 
Mary L. Holley
Production Management: 
Michael Morritt
Other crew: 
Alan Tully Surround-Sound Engineer / Alex Unger Location Sound Recording Engineer / Sean Bruce Key Grip / Rael Corkery Lighting Technician /
Release Date: 
Monday, June 15, 2015
Total votes: 2858