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PARRHESIA. Obligation to Speak the Truth


PARRHESIA A Film by Mart Raukas. Aristarchos DocumentaryParrhesia laid the foundations for Ancient Greek Democracy. Parrhesiastes is a person who speaks freely and boldly. The one who has the moral obligation to tell the truth for the common good. Through expressing the truth parrhesiastes knowingly put himself under personal risk. The hero of the Documentary is an Estonian parrhesiastes Einar Laigna. A former high ranking officer of the army, who has retired to an abandoned medieval Monastery. Using the half ruined Monastery as a cockpit, he launches his stinging and ironical verbal attacks on the insanity and irrationality of a modern world. “The truth is swirling inside me, looking for a way out 'says the hero of this film. “Through expressing the truth with courage and conviction, I protect my inner freedom.” The author of the Documentary got the idea for Parrhesia when visiting an Archaeological Museum in the ancient town of Dion in Northern Greece, where one can see many busts of local philosophers, discovered in the ruins of ancient Greek Villas. These marble heads of philosophers date back to the time of the Roman Empire, when Greek city states had lost their autonomy. At the time, when society is closing up and political control becomes the norm of life, parrhesiastes is the kind of moral saint, who keeps the spirit of truth alive, the one who protects the inner freedom. The film focuses on physiognomic details, the mimics of Parrhesia.




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Directors: MART RAUKAS
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