Journey to the Maggot Feeder

“ Journey to the Maggot Feeder" tries to solve the mystery of a bizarre Arctic fairy tale.

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Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
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Three August Days

The coming-of-age short THREE AUGUST DAYS follows an unlikely attraction between an Estonian girl Eva and a Russian boy Kir in the midst of the fall of Commu

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The Man Who Looks Like Me

Drama-comedy about middle-aged intellectual who is having hard time with his intrusive father, who ruins all his romantic plans with an attractive psychoanal

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Early Spring

When 15 year old Sander falls prey to an almost fatal bad joke, he has to decide whether to try and break away from his determined social status, or conform

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There are two people who wake up in the same bed one morning, and neither of them has a clue who the other is.

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PARRHESIA. Obligation to Speak the Truth

PARRHESIA A Film by Mart Raukas. Aristarchos DocumentaryParrhesia laid the foundations for Ancient Greek Democracy.

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