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For Our People


Myanmar has endured over five decades of ruthless military dictatorships waging war against ethnic minorities. Countless people have fled Myanmar for Thailand in search of better lives. As the military loosens its grip on power and a democratic government emerges, people are hopeful. Many dream of going back to Myanmar to help transform their country. For Our People tells the story of young migrants from Myanmar in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and their journeys to overcome difficulties and get an education, provided by a visionary institution, so that they can return to Myanmar to improve the lives of their people. Shot in Thailand and Myanmar, For Our People offers a glimpse into a world little know to the West. It takes us beyond headlines of war, migration, and inequality, and instead offers personal, human stories and insight into those global issues. It's a celebration of determination, resilience, and community, and makes the case that the best way to transform the lives of the oppressed peoples of Myanmar is through transforming individuals from those communities through education.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Matthew O'Brien
Producers: Matthew O'Brien
Key cast:

Total votes: 404

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