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Last Days of Mortal Entity


      Philosophical journey through the mind of the young man as he tries to find the meaning of his life while battling with mortal disease. As he tries to accept his mortality, he revisits his past and his dream in the attempt to understand himself and his place in Russia. 

      The events in the film take place during the last few years of Russian Empire. The story of the main hero is allegorical and visual interpretation of what Russian Federation as a nation is going through after the initial stage of disintegration in 1991. But 20 years later the history is repeating itself all over again.

      We witness the story of the final days of the crumbling state through one person's journey. The main hero Marat has known for a long time, that he is ill. But when doctors suggest taking more tests in order to determine how long he has left, he starts to panic. While waiting for the results he starts to experience life in totally different way - the distinction between his past, present and dream states collide and he can't really understand what is going on. While trying to grasp the reality through conversations with his college friends, he starts to reminisce about his past travels through Russia in hope of a better understanding of this land and himself. But he has the feeling - that he actually does not have much time. And it becomes obvious that the country around him is going through the same stages as he is. He realizes that his life is interconnected with hopes, dreams and nightmares of this land and that the country will cease to exist at the same moment, as he will. He will personally experience - in his own twisted state of reality - all the issues, troubles, ghosts, words, meanings and codes of this wast country that struggles to stay alive.

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Director: Alexander Formos Writer: Alexander Formos Producers: Alexander Formos,  Veronica Formos Key cast: Marat Kilmuhametov, Boris Horkov, Alisa Slepyan, Victoria Mironchenko, Sergey Muhortov, Ludwig Pachuli, Jr., Pavel Vedernikov

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Student project: No Completion date: 2015-07-15 Shooting format: HDV, DSLR, miniDV Aspect ratio: 16:9 Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: No

Total votes: 2577