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When a homeless man gets transported to a crime scene on a late night bus in China, he quickly realized that saving the victim is not his only battle. As passengers start to point fingers at him, where does truth lie?

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

I started my filmmaking life at University of Windsor in 2011.  I want to explore thoughts and deliver hopes by using visual expression instead of spoken language only. In 2017, I wrote and directed a short film 《Infinite》(《Lun》), which is a story based on a slightly future, a kind heart homeless wants to save a life, but becomes a murder. This film tends to present the dark side of humanity.

Bin Tan, is a talented director of photography, he has brought many visualized creativity to this short.

Qi Liu, is also a talented sound designer, he has made this small piece into a higher compete level.

Screenings / Awards: 

2nd London Independent Film Awards - win the Best Director Short

15th Shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival (Made in China Official Selection)

2nd Toronto International Independent Film Festival (Pre-selected)

Directed by: 
Haoqi Yang
Writing credits: 
Haoqi Yang
Xunyan Sun Boke Sun Minhao Ni
Produced by: 
Haoqi Yang Peicheng Chen
Music by: 
Qi Liu
Cinematography by: 
Bin Tan
Film Editing by: 
Haoqi Yang Jiaxin Weng
Casting by: 
Haoqi Yang
Art Direction by: 
Shu Fang
Production Management: 
Haoqi Yang
Official sites:
Total votes: 1207

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