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One day, hearing the news that her(You-Jung) brother is AWOL. She goes straight to the Cheju Island. Soon will know that her brother is restraint. Do not have to go before she was visiting her brother And to look to the place where my brother is AWOL. So begins her first road trip Olle. And she is accompany with strange two travelers (Ji Ho & Erica) Soon they will get caught in a big problem...


English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Kim Choong Young


Kim Choong Young is a film director and producer in south korea.

he was directing the meantime. 8 films currently preparing a second feature film.


Kookmin University of arts graduate Diploma Masters flmmaking

Directed the ministry of culture and tourism IPTV (SK Broad casting)cotent.

Sangam DMC creative space movie directors selected New directors support by

Seoul, Korea 2010



Lee Chae Eun

Shin You Joo

Yoon Jun Ho

Seok Ho Jin

Geong Yeong Gi



Screenplay-Kim Choong Young

Cinematography-Choi Young Sun

Music- Kewon Se Young

Screenings / Awards: 

1st Silkroad International Film Festival (Xian, China) - Film panorama Competition

8th Bengaluru International Film Festival (Bengaluru of India) - Asian Cinema Competition

Total votes: 2351

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