South Korea

Hear me..

One day, hearing the news that her(You-Jung) brother is AWOL. She goes straight to the Cheju Island. Soon will know that her brother is restraint.

Total votes: 2477
Run Sushi, Run

One of Sushi's romantic spectacle Escape adventure.

Total votes: 2422
Christian Movie | "Stinging Memories"


Total votes: 3184
Gospel Movie "Honor and Dishonor"


Total votes: 3375
Gospel Movie "Mission of Love"


Total votes: 3369
Christian Video | "Rapture in Peril"


Total votes: 3383
Gospel Movie | The Bible and God


Total votes: 2873
Gospel Movie "A Late Answer"


Total votes: 3517
Christian Video "Break the Spell"

Fu Jinhua was an elder of a house

Total votes: 1673
Gospel Movie "The Mystery of Godliness"


Total votes: 1570
Gospel Movie "The City Will Be Overthrown"


Total votes: 1575
Gospel Movie | "Faith in God"


Total votes: 1429
Faith-Hope-Love | Xiaozhen's Story

Xiao Zhen used to b

Total votes: 2491

Brace yourself, for everything you touch surely dies.

Total votes: 732
Graduation Film

Yong-Bum want to shoot graduation film with Min-sung. And do not be like.

Total votes: 741
Girl at the door

Hye-ri practices the armbar maneuver to fight against her drunk father’s abusive behavior.

Total votes: 742

I've worked with a theme love and dream, that always fascinate myself.

Total votes: 503
What he has left

Sad and funny stories about father's possessions

Total votes: 771

So-eun is a high-school girl living in the countryside.

Total votes: 1034
Thrust to throat

The master order to do not use the 'thrust'. But Ju-hee can't win without the 'thrust'.

Total votes: 980

LoglineThis film was born out of donations of €130,000 from good-will Koreans domestic and foreign, most of whom are Facebook friends with the Director.

Total votes: 840
The Soup

It’s easier to hurt our family because they are so close to us.THE SOUP We are indifferent to ‘others’.We tend to ignore and neglect, but the worst is to hav

Total votes: 702
The Wolf Mask

This film illustrates hate and lateral violence in Korea society through the rise and fall of a civil organization that promoted men's rights.From this film,

Total votes: 605
Edge of Spring

When first breakup comes to a girl, her emotional changes during one day.

Total votes: 713
Blues with Me

Blues with Me.True life behind real world.

Total votes: 644
The Dark

I thought it was hidden perfectly!What shall we choose to do in the dark?

Total votes: 609
A Dream of Interest

An ordinary story of the relationship between families and money through financial changes in China.

Total votes: 547
Fiction and Testimony

And suddenly I had the extraordinary sensation...that I was choreographing Death.

Total votes: 457
Memory of Spring

The day just started. another day like yesterday. The time have changed. The youthful naive college student has now become a mother of two.

Total votes: 531

There's one week left until graduation. Everybody is hung up on getting a job. But all He want is a girlfriend.

Total votes: 914
Report about DEATH

Easy understanding description of death

Total votes: 712
For a Better Life

A middle-age low-level gangster is ordered by the boss to take a young gambler to a gambling den near some seaside village.

Total votes: 676
Kissing Cousin

A love for a cousin, deeply engraved in childhood. Twelve years later, a stopped heart begins to beat again.

Total votes: 755

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