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Director's Cut


An indie filmmaking crew is shooting the first snuff movie with a plot.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

An indie filmmaking crew shoots the first snuff movie with a plot, fighting, during the process, the usual difficulties in the low cost cinema making like the shortage of subsidies and the low salaries as a consequence, the obsession for a great photography even it gets too expensive or the over familiarity between staff members.

DIRECTOR’S CUT is, then, a tribute, a satirical homage to indie, low cost and auteur cinema. Seen from the inside and with a humoristic and dark twist, kidnaping reality and taking it to its extreme.

Screenings / Awards: 

Los Angeles CineFest 2015 (California, USA)

Big As Texas Short Film Festival (Texas, USA)

All Seas Film Festival (USA)

YOUKI 2015 (Wels, Austria)

Tabloid Witch Awards (California, USA) - Tabloid Witch Honorable Mention: Best Direction and Best Script

Norwich Underground Film Festival (Norwich, UK)

Total votes: 4028

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