The film starts off with an intense workout in an old and almost abandoned training cabin.

Total votes: 982
Mr. Probz against the stream

Mr Probz - Against The Stream documents the life of Mr. Probz, once a troubled young rapper on the street of Holland, now a world famous singer. Mr.

Total votes: 559
The Ether Inside

In the nearby future an undefined mist - dubbed The Ether - will cover the Earth.

Total votes: 580

Club chUrch is a subculture within Amsterdam nightlife.

Total votes: 797
Memories of Warsaw

The Dutch painter Robert Webster graduated in 1967 from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Total votes: 821
Closer to Maarten

It is 1999 when Dutchman Maarten de Bruijn, still in his twenties, decides to make a journey through India.

Total votes: 814
Portrait of a wind-up maker

Chema is an expat architect from Spain who lives in Amsterdam. He has built up a new life there as a wind-up toy maker.

Total votes: 356
Colors of Fleur

A young girl hears her parents talking about a divorce. She looses the color in her life.

Total votes: 603
Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine

Through a colorful mosaic of stories, this documentary film aims to demystify the world-famous French winemaking region and offers a rare insider glimpse int

Total votes: 1264
Problemski Hotel

For the inmates of the multinational residential centre somewhere in Europe, the circular, black comedy that is the cross-frontier migrant’s life ‘within the

Total votes: 2766
Napalm Mayhem: A Hand Animation

The World’s first hand animation film.

Total votes: 193
Safe Haven: Stories from a Dutch school for migrant children

Inspiring stories from teachers of a Dutch primary school for refugee children.

Total votes: 406
The Fury

The fury amuses and astonishes the viewer.

Total votes: 113
Jheronimus Bosch, Touched by the Devil

The documentary Jheronimus Bosch, Touched by the devil follows a team of art historians who try to reveal the mystery of the 25 still remaining paintings of

Total votes: 413

Subjected to daily abuses, a young female biologist develops a product that destroys testosterone and gives it to her husband.

Total votes: 125
the re-discovery of humanity - ecosystem restoration and migration

An explorative journey through migration hotspots in Africa and the Middle East that looks for answers to a crises of humanitarian proportions.

Total votes: 119
Seaside Walking

After a disturbing call from his mother, Johan has no other choice then to leave Norway and return to the hometown he left many years ago.

Total votes: 341
My Little Older Brother

Fien is experiencing a lot of problems with the fact that she is overgrowing her mentally handicapped brother Mees in several ways.

Total votes: 450

Nightlight is a cinematic portrait of Cees and Hakki, a Dutch and a Turkish man that have been working together at night as welders on the Dutch railways for

Total votes: 375
It's not that I don't love you

A young lesbian couple fights the monster of unspoken words.

Total votes: 405
Weg Met Willem

Six year-old Willem’s parents drophim off in a strange village, leavinghim with two unhygienic strangers.Hours later, Willem still hasn’t beencollected.

Total votes: 231
Saving Infinity: Return of the Spider Monkeys

A female black-handed spider monkey named Infinity was stolen from the Guatemalan jungle as a baby.

Total votes: 94
Analogies: Hany Abu Assad on The Idol

Palestinian born director Hany Abu Assad on his 2015 film 'The Idol' and his own life

Total votes: 242


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