Iran, Islamic Republic of

An Unfinished Film, For My Daughter Somayeh

An unfinished story about the Mohammadi family who are living in Canada.

Total votes: 1779

Seeking the orginal nature by humans to acheive mental and physical perfetness in their life and dealing with others in this way

Total votes: 1811
Someone instead of Everyone

Omen, bad news is on the way ...

Total votes: 1136
My Brother Misagh

This documentary is about a life style of a person that is mentally handicapped. He also can’t spell words well.

Total votes: 1651

Leila, a young provincial girl, has recently married and now lives in Tehran.

Total votes: 1167

Child wants to watch cartoons that faced with opposition from her mother, While mother and baby talking to each other home alarm suddenly sounds and ...

Total votes: 4630
Our Home

Brief history of Iran after Islamic revolution

Total votes: 1547
Autumn Leaves

On a rainy night a man runs through several options in his head, imagining different futures for himself…He has discovered that his wife has had an affair wi

Total votes: 1362

A fat man is eating his sandwich in a quiet park until a strange man sits next to him...

Total votes: 2198
The River. A 48 hour episode in the life of a filmmaker

In the middle of a film project Amins camera gets lost in a bank, or did someone steal it?

Total votes: 1250
The Home that didn't have us

The Home that didn't have us, that's all

Total votes: 1087
Fish & Flower

The boy is trying to keep the fish alive.

Total votes: 989
remain rain

Event of a rainy night at home for a baby boy

Total votes: 1642
junk girl

There once was a girl who was made up of junk.She looked really dirty, and she smelled like a skunk.She was always unhappy, or in one of her slumps-perhaps &

Total votes: 8388

about Worry

Total votes: 1383

about meeting

Total votes: 3211

about speed

Total votes: 1860

about clean shoe

Total votes: 2296
Found lamp

The search for the ideal

Total votes: 1878
the bird

Braeking The Habit

Total votes: 1915
Distorted memories Of a Lake

2029 , world loose its lakes and human l

Total votes: 1729
Total votes: 2606
Could`ve Been Me
Total votes: 2619
The Circle

A person met with the Devil several times so  deceives . But finally he wins…

Total votes: 1713
Total votes: 2326
The End

Azrael is going to take a person`s life. but every time that person is doing a bad behavior. Then Azrael waits that he sees his behavior`s reflection...

Total votes: 2545
From Start

Start of the road and destination

Total votes: 2703

about kind

Total votes: 1742
Reboot A+

about Reboots in the earth and in space

Total votes: 1772
The Sky

about out of earth :Space

Total votes: 1455

about childhood

Total votes: 2281
The Black Briefcase

A brother and sister are vulnerable to a terrorist attack.

Total votes: 1439
360 Degrees

The Story of a boy on a boxing Ring. As he is growing up and getting older, he is fighting a same much stronger opponent.

Total votes: 1861
The Descendants

Jacob's family worries about Farrokh, the son of the family.

Total votes: 1131
Farewell Analog

Farewell Analog is set in 1990's in Bayandare, a Kurdish village in the mountains of Iran, close to the border with Iraq.

Total votes: 1527
Mr. destroyed

By changing the traditional life of the modern street photographer, but is idle

Total votes: 1155
Oblivion season

An ex-prostitute starts a new life by marrying her loved one but leaving the shadow of her dark past is not as easy as it seemed before.

Total votes: 1248
Harirs God is great

Elderly and frail old woman lives alone and in poverty.
Harmal grow in time, the hill rises.

Total votes: 1297
Being in Destruction

Is the past destroyed? A man with a memory loss disease (Alzheimer), makes us think about it.

Total votes: 2227
A Fair Betrayal

Masoud discovers that one of the minor actors in banal video is his identical, twin .

Total votes: 1466

Ali Wants to keep an eye on people's shoes in the holy- shrine instead of his grandfather, but they do not let him.

Total votes: 1939
Voice of Silence

Total votes: 1411

lili is a waitress and obsessed with sound. she can’t stand her loneliness more than before.

Total votes: 291

Devil's daughter destroys her loneliness with watermelon!

Total votes: 433

The injured soldier is not accepted by the family after returning from war

Total votes: 668
summer snow

ashkan has a mysterious roommate who has to be kept hidden from others suspitiors of the situation ,azar arrives at ahskan home.however course of the event g

Total votes: 683
Life without Life

Ardeshir Suffers from lung cancer and has only six months to live.

Total votes: 889

مهربانو تلاش می کند همه چیز را برای زندگی شوهرش، که از آلزایمر رنج می برد، به ا

Total votes: 1081


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