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Stromboli – as long as the heart beats


For many villagers of Stromboli, the volcano is both its Soul, and at the same time, a monster. And for some of them, the view of the volcano, was the last of their lives. During the great eruptions of 1930… Maria lost her grandfather. For many years, Maria has hoped that Grandpa is still alive. The fisherman, the philosopher, the cook… they're all dependent, bound to the mountain – a life in the unknown. This is Maria’s story… and a little bit of Stromboli's too. The Documentary was shot in nativ 3D from 2013 to 2019. Italian, English, German Versions (Storyteller) - with Subtitles original or as Dubbing versions. Stromboli - Fino all’ultimo battito Ispirato da veri eventi Stromboli - solange das Herz schlägt Inspiriert von wahren Ereignissen




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Hanspeter Aliesch, Zürich Writers: Hanspeter Aliesch, Rainer Leimeroth, Christoph von Zastrow Producers: MUVI AG Key cast: Marina La Placa

Total votes: 32