The Little Gypsy Witch

An urban Roma family lives in the suburbs of a big city; the father Hrast (33), the mother Aska (30), their daughter Manusha (10) and Granny Ilonka (55), Ask

Total votes: 3796
Sirens and Screams

This film is shot in a continuous 78-minute take. The story takes place in a city ravaged by crisis, poverty and crime.

Total votes: 2505

The director is portraying the city Zagreb.

Total votes: 1544
Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
Total votes: 46433
Total votes: 3296
Tatjana v Mamandiji (Tatjana In Motherland)
Total votes: 2763

Croatia has 718 islands and 467 cliffs. Sixty-seven islands are inhabited.

Total votes: 389
Half a Man

A village in the outback of Dalmatia, autumn of 1991. The war is raging nearby.

Total votes: 382
Unwanted heritage

Thousands of WWII monuments were built throughout the former Yugoslavia in the 1945-1990.

Total votes: 387
My Life Without Air

My Life without Air is a thrilling view of the wondrous world of a man whose most important moments in life take place underwater during one highly controlle

Total votes: 185

Unusual quotidian which is shared by 3 generations: grandmother, mother and granddaughter.

Total votes: 712
Wax figure

In the summer of 2017, during the artistic travel of Vesna Mačković in New York, she started the project 'The wax figure of the Croatian artist in New York'.

Total votes: 612

Marija (33) grew up in a family that lives Yugoslav ideals even today.

Total votes: 589
The Last Well

The year is 2037. Europe is in a state of complete breakdown. The owner of the last well of natural pure water lives in Croatia.

Total votes: 542

Partly paralysed by polio, Vlado is stuck in his flat and unable to take care of himself.

Total votes: 610
Blue Peter

Petar is a young police officer who has just begun his carrer, he lives with his parents in a small maisonette.

Total votes: 290
All the Best

Pastry-shop worker Verica, opera singer Brankica and Martin (Spaniard) are the protagonists of this film-story about loneliness and search for love.

Total votes: 808

FEMINISTA, by Myriam Fougère, documentary, 60 min, Canada, 2017.

Total votes: 4868
Film Without Film

'Film without Film' was recorded on 17th of June 2014 in/by Municipal State Attorney's Office in Split.

Total votes: 212
Tail Job

Tail job is an independent neo-noir film in which a loser, stand-up comedian Daniel, is hired by two ‘lazy’ hit men to trail a mysterious stranger (flaneur)

Total votes: 793

A musician, a clown and a performer share the same dream – to escape the conformistic lifestyle by following their vision of life.

Total votes: 255

FREE is an observational documentary that is following a group of people with intellectual disabilities that are locked away in Croatian institutions and the

Total votes: 487

A young girl on the brink of suicide, whose parents and psychiatrists try curing her homosexuality over years of treatment, wants justice and revenge, but fi

Total votes: 255

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