Locksmith's Debt

A small-time locksmith is left to pay late his father's debts to the mob, falling in love with a lawyer who's also in deep trouble.

Total votes: 328
A Fighting Chance

A troubled teenager, Mike, abandoned by his father is destroyed by peer pressure. With his fathers return, will he find his way back to the top?

Total votes: 347
Grocery Store Action Movie

A hapless every-man is in the express checkout lane at the grocery store when he realizes with horror that he has forgotten the all-important crackers.

Total votes: 289
Real Estate Hegemony

A real estate agent threatens a local small business owner to either pay an unreasonable rent or force to move out.

Total votes: 847
Escape From 'It's A Wonderful Life'

Mario, a self-described eletist and a film student, finds himself working a festival celebrating his most hated film of all time: It’s a Wonderful Life.

Total votes: 240

A young race-car driver tries to take her vintage Porsche 911 to victory while dealing with a family more dangerous to navigate than the race track.

Total votes: 266

When a man survives a bullet in the forehead to prophesy the existence of a deified Haitian drug lord and his massive fortune, he must survive the deadly scr

Total votes: 271
south of good

Cameron County Sheriff, Hardin 'Stainless' Steel's girlfriend has been kidnapped, the Ochoa drug cartel has hired an international assassin to kill him, and

Total votes: 244
South Beach

South Beach is a dark comedy that takes place around the infamous beaches of Miami, and shows what happens when a group of friends stumble onto 10 kilos of c

Total votes: 309

Ioan is an old veteran and his nephew worships and sees him as a super hero, but the the truth about war is not always easy to explain.

Total votes: 1090
The Great Fight

A boxer tries to survive a mysterious and unfair duel.

Total votes: 520
Star System Bravo 7

In a universe where the stars of entire galaxies are mined, a valiant pirate must defend his homeworld after unwittingly discovering a dark Imperial secret.<

Total votes: 403
Red Snow

A true story of a group of a partisans.

Total votes: 390

The last remnants of humanity scavenge an apocalyptic world in search for subsistence, security and salvation.

Total votes: 678

'What if you open your eyes and find yourselfsomewhere you've never been?'A beautiful girl wakes up paralyzed at the bottom ofa cliff with no memory of how s

Total votes: 430

Who is the hero of the new national heroes?

Total votes: 953
The Last Mermaid

Log-line: Avatar under the water. Four-hundred years from now, evolution will take its course.

Total votes: 571
The Head Thieves

Three brothers develop an elaborate plan to recover stolen cash and go on the run.

Total votes: 278

The Vatican dispatches mercenaries-for-hire – “The God Squad” – to a suburban residence to execute a nocturnal menace.

Total votes: 249

Ben is a technical illustrator who spends his days drawing nuts and bolts and his nights painting colors and dreams.

Total votes: 354

Mute, is a short film following a reclusive Detective in pursuit of a little girl kidnapped by her estranged criminal stepfather.

Total votes: 172

An Experimental Site-dance Film inspired by the lens of SALVADOR DALI'S.

Total votes: 661

BASTA is a film with the main theme being drug dealing, in addition to delinquency and prostitution.

Total votes: 717

After finding out she is the ransom in her little brother’s kidnapping, a courageous young woman executes a rescue plan and fights for survival after submerg

Total votes: 538
Quest for Light - Adventure of the Magi

Captivated by an amazing star, three Persian warrior Priests seek its meaning along The Silk Road, as they struggle with their faith and battle evil until Go

Total votes: 207
Psychic Snakebite

A plane hijacking that follows the stories of passengers, criminals, flight attendants, and pilots aboard.

Total votes: 225
The Silver Ball

Tommy Lazurus is the Pinball Wizard.

Total votes: 332
Quest for Mihte Lugh

A cowardly fantasist dreams he is a superhero, until he and his siblings find themselves in Valhalla.

Total votes: 992
St Just

Maggie and Ronnie, a penniless and feckless Cornish couple, become a modern day Bonnie and Clyde in order to pay for their IVF treatment to have the baby the

Total votes: 253
Dancing in the White Room

When does property become personality?

Total votes: 279
The Offensive

Two soldiers create chaos while trying to save a scientist they know nothing about in a parody of video game tropes.

Total votes: 271
Fourth World

A band of street kids turn a Hollywood filmmaker's world upside down.

Total votes: 221
The Alley Cat

Jasper, a troubled bike messenger, competes in an night time alley cat race that starts giddily but ends in disaster.

Total votes: 277

One of the first US Navy frogmen fights to survive missions behind Axis lines in World War II, as well as incarceration at the Nazis' Mauthausen concentratio

Total votes: 292
Inherit The Stars: The Director's Cut

(Film Overview) Resurrection of Japanese Sci-Fi Film 'Inherit The Stars: The Director's Cut'.

Total votes: 477
Warm Up

At a quiet training ground a mysterious new student challenges his fellow colleague to a light sparring match before class...

Total votes: 441
Time Chicken

In a bid to resolve the divisions in his society, a chicken sets out to give his people answers.

Total votes: 223
Cold Image

Aided by a technology that imprints other people's memories into the users head, a bereaved father sets out on a path of revenge but risks losing his remaini

Total votes: 251

Two enemy snipers stationed alone on different sides of aremote valley grow profoundly bored with war and trying tokill each other.

Total votes: 299
The Man Who Knew Too Little

A detective is hired by a woman to investigate her husband whom she believes is being blackmailed.

Total votes: 463

A superhero romance surrounding a war waged between Capes and Masks, one of which questions his arch rivalry after the planet's inhabitants become powerless

Total votes: 192
Great Highway

For more than seventy years people have surfed the San Francisco Bay Area far from the limelight reserved for the Southern California surf culture.

Total votes: 330
It's My World, Dog!

'It's My World, Dog!' is a movie about the receiving department in the basement of a local bookstore, which serves as a microcosm of race relations in presen

Total votes: 1554
Second Chance

After a home invasion goes terribly wrong, Oscar tries to help the girl whose life he helped to ruin.

Total votes: 334
Good Night

A post-apocalyptic zombie survivors short film

Total votes: 275

You call. They collect.

Total votes: 208
The Wolves Beyond The Timber

When Madeline finds herself at the mercy of a mysterious cult, the 'Strangers', she must prove how far she is willing to fall in order to save her sick siste

Total votes: 328

A short film about the cycle of addiction within a suburban multi-racial family who happens to be headed by the town's chief narcotics investigator.

Total votes: 422


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