A Whisker Past Midnight

A furry tale of peril on the high seas--two Jewish mice face down a pack of Nazi rats masquerading as an ocean liner crew.

Total votes: 830
Lion of the Sea

The colorful historical saga of the sinking of the ill-fated Vasa in 1628 in Sweden counterpointed with a breathless thriller set in today's Stockholm.

Total votes: 226
EsCape Cod

A down-on-his-luck professor has to save Cape Cod from a scourge of enormous mutant lobsters.

Total votes: 128

Astronaut Derek Moonbody's dream of going to the moon is thwarted by his werewolf heritage.

Total votes: 238

Six college classmates from twenty years past are abducted from their daily lives and thrust into a Deep Web “Jungle Survival” game show.

Total votes: 166
Break the Rules

Four hot-headed college students exact their own form of vigilante justice when they become entangled in a violent, political caste war because one of their

Total votes: 474

Anything can happen in the world of online dating, and everything does when a mismatched couple meets on an ill-fated blind date.

Total votes: 223
The Adventures of Lucy

In order to defeat the dark manifestation of her cancer, a young girl must use the power of imagination to overcome her fears.

Total votes: 373
Five Dollars

A father watching over his estranged son for the Summer encounter a couple of criminals on the run on his rural ranch in Washington.

Total votes: 506
Addle Strife

Two US Paratroopers track down an injured German soldier after a failed American ambush.

Total votes: 193

A struggling actor hits his head after an audition and assumes, by his costume, that he must be an actual superhero.

Total votes: 252
JUNIOR BRUCE - Lapis Philosophorum

When an eclipse threatens to release a power that will destroy the planet, a savage warrior and her mercenary mutant companions must battle two legions of de

Total votes: 365
Two Blades and a Boy

A boy survives a carjacking but is left to fend for himself on the streets of Sao Paulo.

Total votes: 367
Before Midnight

A 20 year old young man living in America is taken on a journey in Miami to discover the mystery behind his girlfriend's tattoo.

Total votes: 210

Bablusha is Kannada Feature Film Directed by Venkat Bharadwaj. A Family Entertainer and Thriller.

Total votes: 304

An obsessed high school rower pushes himself to the brink of implosion to defy his family and peers' expectations, but only to learn that success can be bitt

Total votes: 175
SUPER VEGGIES by the Superha Family

We all want our kids to eat healthier, and this music video makes eating vegetables fun.

Total votes: 303

Providence is about an emotionally damaged detective who struggles with her past while in pursuit of a serial rapist.

Total votes: 258

A man destined at birth to make Tamahagane Departs on a journey to become a Samurai. People later called this young man The 'Tatara Samurai'.

Total votes: 286
Achilles Redemption's

After serving a sentence of 10 years Achilles have to choose between saving the life of his son or start a new path of honesty.

Total votes: 446

After abandoning their sinking sailboat, a couple and an eight-year old girl battle the sea and each other for survival.

Total votes: 230
Little One; A Dragon's Quest for Home

Born into a hostile world, an affectionate, young dragon must learn to fight evil in order to find her way home and save the world.

You voted 4. Total votes: 262

It's December 1944. Hitler just launched his offensive in the Ardennes forest.

Total votes: 226

David (41) tries to cheat the death of his wife Evelyn (37) through the help of cryonics.When they wake up from cryo sleep in the far future, they find thems

Total votes: 1101
ScHoolBoy Q 'JoHn Muir'

Schoolboy Q's 'John Muir' follows the lives of two reckless youths for 24 hours in the streets of Los Angeles, all from the eyes of stolen 83' El Camino.

Total votes: 304

A drugdealer known for his experimental blends is called one last time.

Total votes: 488
Red Ninja the Sister Hood

Red Ninja the Sisterhood is an action pack old school martial arts movie in our time with traditional apparel and old school techniques.

Total votes: 315

After Texas seceded from the United States in 2025, Kids took over Texas and called it their own republic.Due to their exceptional hand-eye-coordination, lea

Total votes: 281
'Singers' in the Band

'SINGERS' in the Band exposes the role the United States military plays in fostering prostitution and trafficking of women worldwide.

Total votes: 229
Alien LEET

An adventure starved 20-something and his friends get sucked into an unreleased gaming console where they must fight their way out level by level or be trapp

Total votes: 151
The Cricketer

The Cricketer - In a dramatic fantasy, from a land where futuresand dreams never bloom, a poor Hindu kid discovers powers he neverhad and devotes himself to

Total votes: 373
Brothers in Arms

Northern Norway, 1929: A man returns to his home after years of absence, and receives a less than cordial welcome from his brother.

Total votes: 685
Millennial Wet Dream

Two young lovers embark on a cross-country killing and crime spree.

Total votes: 233
Freedom Of Knowledge

Lack of knowledge becomes civilization's undoing!

Total votes: 431
Gila Monster: Cold, Ruthless & Unstoppable

Another episode about Adrian Manx, an ardent black detective, unwinds in his favorite bar on a night the series female nemesis—disguised, enters to assassina

Total votes: 277
Life After Beth

As Landon sets up the perfect dinner to win back his ex-girlfriend, he is visited by a mysterious woman named Ofelia who claims to be a 'hunter'.

Total votes: 202

A firefighter gunned down in the line of duty confronts his demons and a violent assailant in a fight for his life.

Total votes: 125
A Lonely Woman

A beautiful timid and docile woman, transforms into a vengeful gunfighter in her search for a group of murderers, but her villainous enemy is closer than she

Total votes: 358

Some things cannot be undone.

Total votes: 322
Room 205

Racing against time, a guy must find a way to flag down help to save his comatose wife after he encounters a hoard of flesh eating zombies.

Total votes: 233
Color Blind

Color Blind is a short film about police brutality.The story takes place in  Baltimore City, United States.

Total votes: 201
Whiskey Sour

A career hitman is cosmically outmatched by his next mark.

Total votes: 346
Humanity: Devolved

In a time where all disease is curable yet all cures are illegal, a desperate mother fights to protect her son.

Total votes: 286

At the start of a deadly outbreak, a physicist and retired soldier escape in a Time Portal and wake up in a forest… in the city of Tokyo.

Total votes: 493
Grocery Store Action Movie

A hapless every-man is in the express checkout lane at the grocery store when he realizes with horror that he has forgotten the all-important crackers.

Total votes: 289

In 1920's New York City a man must fight for his freedom after being kidnapped and thrown in an underground fighting ring.

Total votes: 322
As I Have Had To

A man is engaged in a task that will require all of his focus and take everything that he cares about away from him because if he fails, not even Allah (God)

Total votes: 193
Metaphor of a Life (uncensored/extended)

'Metaphor of a Life' is a fiction that satirically portrays -a biographical documentary- the life of a supposed super-film-star called: The-Kid.

Total votes: 695


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