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You see me (Germ. Ich kenne dich)


A dark reflection of the society we live in already.


English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

We're proud to present the great result of our student production. Every member of the team had more than one department and was an important part for the realisation of our short.

Directed by Victor Jim Moye-Noza

great Cast: Lukas Strasser, Elisabeth Kanettis, Jeanette Nagy, Philip Karlsbader

Directed by: 
Victor Jim Moye-Noza
Writing credits: 
Marco Stadler, Victor Jim Moye-Noza
Lukas Strasser, Elisabeth Kanettis, Jeanette Nagy, Philip Karlsbader,
Produced by: 
Johanna Auer, Victor Jim Moye-Noza, Marco Stadler, Helan Dalwi, Benjamin Steiger, Florian Bach
Music by: 
Benjamin Steiger
Cinematography by: 
Helan Dalwi, Johanna Auer
Film Editing by: 
Victor Jim Moye-Noza
Set Decoration by: 
Beate Schalko
Costume Design by: 
Aureen Llanera
Makeup Department: 
Sabrina Zehetbauer
Production Management: 
Johanna Auer, Florian Bach
Release Date: 
Monday, May 1, 2017
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