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Yeshua is a documentary film, filmed in Macedonia and Israel. It’s narration is build based on juxtapositioning moving photographies, instead of classical film plot. The topic covered in this film is the high spiritual conscience which comes from the Lord Jesus Christ who’s our savior, Lord of the universe and low earth conscience. This film displays landscapes from places where the human kind was on a higher spiritual level then now, and on the other side the war like the lowest level of conscience that the human kind could reach.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Krunoslav Adzievski

Writers: Krunoslav Adzievski

Producers: Krunoslav Adzievski and Ilija Ciriviri

Key cast: /

Screenings / Awards: 
  1. Official Selection of Alternative Film and Video Festival 2015
  2. Official Selection of SPFW - INDIE FILM FESTIVAL 2015
  3. Official Selection of Viva Film Festival 2016
  4. Winner of Near Nazareth Festival 2016
  5. Official Selection of Roma Cinema DOC 2016
  6. Semi-finalist of CreActive International Open Film Festival (IOFF)
Total votes: 2036

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