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Within 形之下

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

What would you do if you found out you weren't human? Would it destroy who you are, or give you the freedom to finally take control...

Within is a short film that tells a parable about how fragile the concept of ourselves as human is.  When Ming is injured in an explosion, he discovers that he is a robot and is driven to madness that consumes him with the question of whether his newlywed wife, and child, are too.

Within is an adaptation taken from a scene of the award winning script Where Emperor's Go to Die, written by the director Evan Kimball Plochmann.  The film was shot in Beijing China by professional actors from the Beijing Film Academy.  

Writer/Director Evan Kimball Plochmann I Producer Haoyue Zhang I  Cinematographer Matthias Delvaux I Composer Lauren Buchter



Screenings / Awards: 

Mainframe Film Festival/ 4th Place Audience Choice  (Rough Cut)

Beijing Indie Film Festival

Beijing Film Festival

Directed by: 
Evan Kimball Plochmann
Writing credits: 
Evan Kimball Plochmann
Liu ZhongZhe Chen Bohan
Produced by: 
Evan Kimball Plochmann Haoyue Zhang
Music by: 
Lauren Buchter
Cinematography by: 
Matthias Delvaux
Film Editing by: 
Evan Kimball Plochmann
Casting by: 
Evan Kimball Plochmann
Production Design by: 
Evan Kimball Plochmann
Art Direction by: 
Emily Peace
Set Decoration by: 
Emily Peace Zhang Sushi
Costume Design by: 
Makeup Department: 
Creation Union Wang Diandian Feng Dawei Liu Jing
Production Management: 
Aaron Stevens
Other crew: 
Eric Grosshenrich Kurt Xueyi Shirin Ahmed Liu Zhonghui Liu Zhongyue Liu Weidong Zhao Shanshan
Release Date: 
Thursday, December 22, 2016
Total votes: 10645

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