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in white (in weiss)


The frustrated freelancer Martin Denner is looking for an interview with the 104-year-old german poet and Nobelist Erich Lautenberger though he'd better take care of the 9-year-old son of his vanished girl friend. Denner is investigating in Paris, Berlin, England and in the USA...


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
if you want to look at a happy ending film that leads your thoughts and emotions directly to Hollywood you're wrong. "in weiß" (in white) is a german independent movie produced without any money support from official authority, that gives you the possibility to find your own connections of the parts to be seen. It has english subtitles exept for the parts where English is spoken. It's a mix of a looking-for-no-violence-on-the-bike-and-road-movie with the wonderful, american actress/musician Brisa Roché from Arcata, Northern California ( known from the movies "Yves Saint Laurent" and "After"; her last CD "Invisible 1" came out on June 3rd, 2016 and it's time to discover her art ) as the cut-off-girl that takes you out of the action while she talks about her make-up, making music/lyrics, her love for France and the art of her paintings - just like the fictional main figure of the movie, the 104-year-old german Nobelist Erich Lautenberger, talks about his art and life. You might even say that the movie is a broken mix of documentary and narrative action. The part of the 9year old boy Max is played by the kid from Berlin called Leo Knizka, who begins his own career as an actor right now; lately to be seen in the TV-film "Ein Dorf rockt ab" (2017). Places of shooting were Bremen, Bonn, Berlin (in Germany), Paris, England, Boston and New York. It was a lot of fun to do that thing with a very small, amazing cast and a very low financial budget right in the heart of independence.
Have a good time!
Ulrich Lehnhof (director)

Directed by: 
Ulrich Lehnhof and Sebastian Krügler
Writing credits: 
Ulrich Lehnhof
Script and music - Ulrich Lehnhof Camera, Tone and cut - Sebastian Krügler
Produced by: 
89mm Berlin and Ulrich Lehnhof
Music by: 
Brisa Roché, Paris - Baby shut your eyes Jeff Atwood, Rochester N.Y., - I don't want to know Ashabia - Rebel performed live Frederic Chopin Ulrich Lehnhof
Cinematography by: 
Sebastian Krügler and Ulrich Lehnhof
Release Date: 
Friday, January 15, 2016
Total votes: 1016

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