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We Are All Oscar


The movie is a reference, which reflects the daily life of different types of people in different circumstances, which directly influence the behavior according to what is experienced; being this transiently or a habit acquired from daily living.
"We are all Oscar" is an invitation to a reflection on our values as a society, to the intolerance of certain practices, tastes or preferences for not being included within the religious framework, that has been imposed as a general rule and absolute truth in a country like Costa Rica, and in a large part of the Latin American communities. All this leads to a distorted behavior, associated with multiple acts as a result of a cruel and unjustified imposition, trampling this; the individual rights as a human being in the election of a life plan.
Furthermore, the impact that a consumerist and superficial society create, where the requirements to fit into that environment were created by a controlling system, that condemned those who cannot being adapted or sustained in it.
The project intends to send a message to the public in a way that individually each person can identify themself either, with the characters and the situations that led them to take each action occurred, since these are the bases of the daily life of any person without excluding any social stratum.
It intends an inner introspective analysis that leads to the search for the reasons of certain behaviors, that constantly hinder the development of the measures for greatest potential of each being in different areas of life. Facing this, use the application of necessary tactics to correct and take advantage of all opportunities in the form of individual benefit and therefore collective, favoring this, the way that our society can be develop.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Tito Oses
Writers: Tito Oses
Producers: Tito Oses
Key cast: Tito Oses, Thelma Darkins, Alvaro Marenco, Ricardo Gamboa, Shawn Jones, Jeff Turk, Nelson Rodriguez, Karina Obando

Total votes: 362

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