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The Way Forward


A Russian psychologist invites seven strangers to his dining room and challenges them to forgive their fathers.



Information for the Audience: 

First-time feature film director Roman Jaquez was born on February 2, 1981 in the Dominican Republic. 

Director Statement: He aimed to capture raw emotion on the subject of forgiveness with The Way Forward. The film was shot with 6 cameras running simultaneously in the span of 12 hours. The dialogue was completely improvised by the cast who where following director-led quotes, a story structure and character breakdowns as a guideline. The actors had one rehearsal to become familiar with each other. Each character is based on real-life stories



Directed by: 
Roman Jaquez
Writing credits: 
Roman Jaquez
Kit Vinsick ... Eve Kevin Craig West ... Miles Kyrsten St. Pierre ... Melissa Paul Michael Draper ... Karl Lydia Nightingale ... Susan Virginia Lee ... Margaret John Hauf ... Doug Yury Tsykun ... Dr. Koval Albert Makhtsier ... Book Publisher
Produced by: 
Mark Daws ... producer Roman Jaquez ... producer Stephanie Jaquez ... executive producer Nate Kohrs ... producer Robert LaCosta ... producer Kit Vinsick ... producer
Music by: 
Nate Kohrs
Cinematography by: 
Mark I. Davis Roman Jaquez Chris Leclerc Bo Smith Bill Womer
Film Editing by: 
Roman Jaquez
Casting by: 
Roman Jaquez
Set Decoration by: 
Joeetta Samuelson
Costume Design by: 
Maggie Fromm
Release Date: 
Monday, January 28, 2019
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