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The Voyage


THE VOYAGE, an emotionally charged short film by the celebrated husband-wife team BJ and Richeille Formento.
It is not a surprise that the current wave of world events have filtered into the art being shown during this year's art week. Displacement, cultural migration and memory are central to the theme of this poetic short film and photographic work.
As reality weighs heavily on our conscience, stirred up by the inundation of horrific narratives and footage. Refugees abandoning the ills of their long loved countries delving into the brutality of the unknown. The Formento's direct their first short film as silent bystanders in the mass cultural migration and world shift that is in full motion. This powerful film and photo series juxtaposes loss with an ephemeral timeless beauty that is signature to the artists' work. They convey the juxtaposition of nightmare with visual poetry, and cultural anxiety with escapism.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: bj formento
Writers: bj formento
Producers: bj formento
Key cast: bj formento

Total votes: 625

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