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The Vibrations


Hallucinations composed with musical musings, concerts and wanderings. 
A movie with Mathius Shadow-Sky's music, musician composer, researcher from the twenty & first century. English subtitles. Experimental and musical documentary feature.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Director: Benoit MAESTRE

Producers: Benoit MAESTRE


Director: Benoit Maestre

Filmmaker. Live in Toulouse, in the south of France. 
Short films :"Les Pantins ", "Le Noyé", "Mon Ombre" "Groenland", many short documentaries 
Very independent features film : "Love Thy Neighbour", "Un Film de lutes" "Vigilance" and "Eliminatoires"


Screenings / Awards: 
  • Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival

    Venice, Italia
    June 27, 2015
    european premiere

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