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Van Water De Druppels (The Weeping Tower)


When Water turns into Drops In 1995 Johnny Beerens painted The Oostburgse water tower in the idea of creating eternity with a mural, but the coating could not withstand the test of time. Twenty years later, in the summer of 2014, the fine artist again ascends the scaffold to renovate his brainchild. In order to be fully engaged in and to prepare for this former work, he feels the need to let go of his workshop and all it contains to utterly clear his head. Only then the mural can again completely take possession of him and vice versa. Resulting in a new Source of Life on the Oostburgse water tower. With When Water turns into Drops filmmaker Jeannice Adriaansens again delivers a personal document, revolving around the unspoken. Along with Johnny Beerens, she embarks this creative journey at lonely heights only to grasp the intangible - the complexity of what can not be put down in words. A touch of emotion, a dash of ratio, powered by an extremely accurate sound design which does not shun silence but dares to embrace it and at times confronts the audience with his own vulnerability and bare existence.



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Title Spanish: "-0"
Тitle French: "-0"
Тitle Italian: "-0"
Тitle German: "-0"
Тitle Portuguese: "-0"
Subtitles: Dutch, English, French, Spanish
Recording format: proress
Projection format: DCP
Screen format: 1:1,66
Colour: Color
Sound: Jeannice Adriaansens
Script: Jeannice Adriaansens
Art: none
Editing: Jurgen Willocx
Animation: none
Music: none
Casting: -0
Sound editing: -0
Post production: -0
Selections: "-0"
Awards: -0

Total votes: 2479