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Uncle Jessie White - Portrait of a Delta Blues Man in Detroit


Uncle Jessie White - Portrait of a Delta Bluesman in Detroit is a documentary film about the late Jessie White, an influential blues artist who has had a profound effect on multiple generations of musicians in the Detroit region. An allegory of survival and redemption this film traces Jessie White’s story from his impoverished rural youth in Mississippi to his migration to Detroit where his charismatic personality and musical integrity kept the spirit of the original Delta blues alive during some of Detroit’s darkest days.



Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Anne Marie Hudak, Stashu Kybartas
Writers: Anne Marie Graham-Hudak, Stashu Kybartas
Producers: Anne Marie Graham-Hudak, Stashu Kybartas
Key cast: Uncle Jessie White, Martha Ann Kent, Robert Jones, Chuck Willis, Duke Dawson, Michael Jewitt, Jessie Magruder, Novella G., Eddie Burns, Chuck Yokum, Lois White

Total votes: 989

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