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Before the Trees Was Strange




Information for the Audience: 
Before the Trees Was Strange, is a personal documentary, a journey of race and identity through a desire to unlock a mystery within my family.
I produced, shot and directed this film. I began shooting 30 years ago and ended up with over 700 hours of footage that was distilled into 85 minutes. The film took three years to make as I traveled between The Bahamas, the United States and Mexico where I did my editing. It involved many hours of interviews over a period of years as well as DNA testing to discover what I need to find out for this film to be finished.  This film is about race, love and forgiveness and finally redemption as I explore my Mother's questions about her own heritage and I go on a journey to find the truth that was kept away from us. The film looks at the social construct of race and how it differs between The Bahamas and the United States but more it shows that often it is love that perputates racism more than hate. 
Directed by: 
Derek Burrows
Writing credits: 
Derek Burrows
Derek Burrows and Family
Produced by: 
Derek Burrows
Music by: 
Derek Burrows
Cinematography by: 
Derek Burrows, Indrani Kopal
Film Editing by: 
Indrani Kopal
Release Date: 
Thursday, November 10, 2016
Official sites:
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